List Of Startup Business Ideas

List Of Startup Business Ideas

Main contractor

If you have previously worked in a company that performs internal repairs or contract work, you can easily start your own contract business by offering a variety of services to the owners.

Lawn care specialist

To start a lawn care business, you need equipment, transportation and a stable customer base. You do not need any professional experience.

Independent writer

If you have writing skills, you can easily start your own writing business by offering independent business services.


You can also easily start your own blog posting topics that fit your own experience and experience.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants can offer businesses and professionals a variety of online services, including email organization and communication, social media programming, and accounting. This will allow you to create a virtual assistant business, even if your experience in these areas comes from your experience in other companies.

Valet service

For those who like to clean, or at least do not mind, starting a cleaning business can be a pretty simple way of doing business.

Child care

If you are young, you can start taking care of yourself or even offer a childcare service that takes you to your family.


A messenger simply provides a service that transmits messages from one person to another. Therefore, you do not need a lot of supplies or experience to begin with.

Order service

You can also start a business offering a variety of business services, such as:

Social Network Manager

If you know social media, you may be able to offer your services to several companies that manage your social media accounts.

Influencer of social networks

Or you could focus more on creating your own social media accounts and possibly making your business an influencer on social networks, generating revenue by publishing various brands and promotions.

Seller Etsy

If you have treatment skills, you can make good use of it by making several items by hand and then selling them on sites like Etsy. This facilitates beginners.

Flea sellers

You can also focus more on the personal sales of your products. Flea markets and similar events are a great way for new business owners to sell different items.

Web Designers

If you have knowledge or experience in web design, you can offer your services to your customers and start your own business as a web designer.

House painter

You can also choose a more technical approach and offer house cleaning services to local owners or even businesses.

Walker Dog

If you enjoy spending time with four-legged friends, you can create a business that offers dog owners who do not have enough time to walk regularly, just a dog.


Starting a catering business can be quite complicated for a beginner. However, if you want to prepare a meal and start your first business with it, you can create a bakery that sells specific items or custom creations for events in the kitchen of your home.

Event organizers

For those with strong organizational and communication skills, you can create a customer base and start planning activities for weddings or other events.


If you have a background in cosmetology, you can start your own business as a hairdresser, visit clients for events or other occasions.

Makeup artist

You can also create a customer base and provide makeup services for events, photo shoots or special events.


If you are a musician, you can create a company where you can play at events or venues and buy some of the ticket sales or marketing.


You can also easily create a company offering photography services for events or local customers who want to capture a portrait photo.

Wash or detail cars

Washing or detailing cars does not always involve a lot of complicated devices or business savvy. You can set up a simple place to offer services to customers, or even travel with detailed consumables.

T-shirt designers

Online services such as Redbubble and CafePress make it easy to sell their own shirts. Therefore, you can create your own designs and sell online or even request a quote.

Car coffee operators

Cafes and coffee can be complicated processes. However, you can simplify the process and make it easier for a new owner to choose a coffee cart company.

Food preparation service.

You can also prepare individual portions and sell them to consumers outside your home or in a commercial kitchen, provided you have the necessary stocks and licenses.

Antique restorer

For those who like working with antiques, you can create a business where customers can bring their items for repair or renovation.


If you have experience in a particular field, even if you have never started your own business in this niche, you can start a business by offering public speaking services at events or conferences.

Personal trainer

For those who have a lot of experience in physical exercise, you can create a customer base and work as a personal trainer from a home gym or even connect to a commercial gym.

Yoga teacher

You can also be certified as a yoga teacher and create a business class for yoga classes.

Dance teacher

If you want to learn more about a variety of movements, you can start your own dance class from home or from a local studio.

Music teacher

They can also work individually or in small groups to offer music lessons or classes of instruments or styles.


Or you can decide to teach in individual lessons in different subjects. Giving private lessons to students can be a fairly simple way to start your first business.

Graphic artist

If you have design expertise, you can for example attract your own customers who need logo elements or brand design.

Technical support

You can also set up your own technical support company by helping people with technical problems over the phone or online.

Affiliate marketing

If you can create your own online network or your own audience on a specific topic, you can work as a partner with different brands and buy a portion of each sale sold.

YouTube's personality

YouTube also provides a popular platform for sharing information on various topics. You can earn a portion of advertising revenue by publishing and promoting your own videos.


You can also create your own podcast and sell advertising space or collaborate with brands to generate revenue through your program.

EBook author

Writing a book is not easy. However, no formal professional experience is required to start publishing and selling your own e-book online.

Interior decorator

You can also start a business as an interior designer without expensive equipment or complicated business knowledge.

Pool cleaner

If you want to spend time outdoors and offer services to local homeowners, pool cleaning is another fairly simple service for which you can start a business.

Furniture manufacturers

You can also build or reuse your own furniture, then sell it in local shops or even at art fairs or similar events.


If you work from home or just want to start a small business, you can offer corrections to companies, authors, or people who want to pay someone to check their work.

Continue the service

They can also help job seekers in the field who need help preparing their resumes or cover letters.

Scrapbook maker

If you like scrapbooking, you can create a business that is suitable for customers who want to preserve their memories creatively, but who do not want to do the work themselves.
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