Part Time Business Ideas

Part Time Business Ideas 

Seasonal stores have many hours of seasonal shopping, but they can offer you a complete low season, where you can do whatever you want, like:

Boat rental, rowing, kayaking or cycling. Diving equipment 

Whatever the activity, there will always be people who prefer to rent, instead of buying and storing it out of season.

Trucks or seasonal food stalls

such as fish tacos on the beach, ice cream or ice cream, etc. And do not forget the good food. Visitors to a large fair or series of fairs in the summer can be very profitable, and when the fairs are ready, you also do it.

Mowing and gardening 

Fewer people than ever want to do it themselves. (Keep in mind that you can easily convert this activity into a year-round business by offering snow removal services in many locations).

Installation and maintenance of the irrigation system

Subdivisions are the main sales areas of these products. Spring / summer would be the main season.

Local travel provider

Depending on the region, nature excursions are offered, such as guided hikes, kayak trips, carriage rides or something completely different, such as ghost tours, the best jazz events, etc.

Bed and breakfast (open only in season in your area)

It's not just about beaches and picturesque lakes. Skiers and guests also need seasonal accommodation.

Physical education teacher

ski or kayak instructor.

Creator of halloween costumes

Halloween is now one of the biggest retail events of the year (behind Christmas and Back to School) and adult costumes are a growing market. (For more Halloween-related business ideas, some of which may be suitable for part-time work

Services related to the taxation

for example, For example, taxation of individuals if you have an accounting or tax adviser training.

These companies should be operated all year round. However, you can set your own (limited) hours without harming the business.

Service companies

Hairdressing, cleaning, tutoring, dog care, caretakers are just a few of the services you can offer to your part-time clients.

Shop design from interior design to landscaping / garden.

Arts and Crafts, 

Including graphic arts, painters, illustrators, potters and jewelry designers. (Seeing and selling your work online can be a real source of income for artists and artisans).

Tips for businesses of all kinds.


Such as notary, lawyers, accountants, accountants, architects and doctors.


such as cabinet makers, masons and brickmakers are so good that some people wait (sometimes years) to work for them.

Direct Sales

According to DirectSellingNews, Avon, Mary Kay and Tupperware are three of the world's leading direct selling companies, but thousands of them offer the option of selling lingerie to insurance companies outside of your home, in most cases cases.
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