The Ultimate Deal On CREATIVE BUSINESS IDEAS : Businessideas4u

The Ultimate Deal On CREATIVE BUSINESS IDEAS : Businessideas4u

Many are abandoning their dream of building, creating and innovating in the face of this difficult battle, without realizing that a creative business idea in india will eventually join the wealth of money once it gains a place on the market.

Your idea will bring you your business, your business will bring you people and people will bring you the market. And as we all know, a good idea has no monetary value, but it has a lot of potential. Today, the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, have the ability to create pyramids from notes, but none of them has started at the top of the rankings. Facebook was built at the minimum cost of a Harvard dormitory and Microsoft was created two years after Gates decided to leave the university.

If we pay attention to these remarkable business stories, it is that they offer an important lesson to all who wish to embark on a similar adventure: this brilliant idea is the most important step in the creation of a business that changes the game. And sometimes, if you plan well, these ideas can turn you into a company with the lowest upfront cost and the highest return possible.

To understand the history of our country, it has been discovered that the emerging entrepreneur market is ripe to dominate today. Some people may have business savvy to influence the market, but have not yet managed to engage in a single idea.

Here is list of Creative Business Ideas In India to startup your business successfully.

Travel agency

The travel industry in India has experienced a boom over the last decade. To meet the changing habits of people and their passion for travel, the time has come for future entrepreneurs to put their money where the card is. The most cost-effective way to open a home travel agency is to hire a guest agency. This will give you the benefits of Pace (so you can get your ARC, CLIA or IATA number faster), convenience (all back-end features), and help you get higher commissions and lower costs. . Although rates vary according to the host agency, their main costs will initially be reduced to Rs.

Breakfast together

You must have noticed that these breakfasts and tea rooms in your city are almost always full of customers. In fact, food will always be a good commodity in a very competitive market. To open your own breakfast together, you must invest money in renting a place after obtaining a permit from these authorities. If your income is 5,000 rupees a month, you can use the rest of your budget to buy food and other essentials, as well as used tables and chairs.

Teaching center

This is perhaps one of the most profitable businesses from almost zero because of its upfront costs. Most teachers take classes at home, avoiding rental fees and materials. The only effort you must make as a teacher is to advertise on social media or follow the previous path with brochures and word of mouth recommendations.

fruit stand

Who does not appreciate fresh fruit juice on a rainy day? To take advantage of this lucrative business, you must first apply for a permit to open a kiosk in a chosen location, preferably hard to lose. Then you have to pay the rent of the commercial premises. Apart from this, the only other investment in which you have to spend your money is to buy raw materials, accessories such as pressing machines and the salaries of the employees who make the juice.


In cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi, the demand for good tailors has increased tenfold as craft creations gain popularity. In addition to a small rental space, you only need to invest in high-performance sewing machines and, of course, electricity.

bakery online

While names like "Ovenfresh" have taken years of hard work, recruitment and funding to get where they are today, this only shows that the market is ripe for online food services, especially in the bakery products sector. . Online bakeries alone are also popular, such as Calcutta's Confectioner's Touch of Charulata Ghosh, 23, who has been turning heads since its inception in 2013 and has increased the number.

"I started with very little, like 2,000 rupees, but as my business grew, I was able to invest in other things, like Zomato, custom boxes and pastry tables," says Charulata, nudging at the uninterrupted online orders. in your address.


This is perhaps one of the most lucrative areas that can be exploited in the digital age. Professional blogs require minimal start up costs. All you have to do is invest in a domain name and hosting area that has an "unlimited" capacity of up to Rs.3,600, just as you promote your blogs through good channels, you can take advantage of the free and unlimited internet reach which is all you need.

Youtube channel

YouTube is a meeting place for creative and talented people who want to make big profits with minimal investment. YouTube allows users to create independent channels and upload their videos for free. In fact, it even pays some creators whose channels are popular.

event organization

Event managers rarely spend time in the office. The best way to connect and manage is to visit hundreds of places, meet sponsors, schedule appointments and work all day. On this basis, their demand revolves around the image of the brand and the popularity that can generate a good online marketing strategy. However, the total cost of building this brand is minimal or non-existent.

wedding consultant

The term "big and big Indian wedding" is for a specific reason. Indeed, almost every culture in our diverse society takes weddings very seriously. Today, even multinational corporations such as Uber are opening up this lucrative sector and setting their campaign accordingly. The most important investment you should make to start a wedding consultation is to maintain a popular website. The best way to reach potential customers in this area is online. Therefore, make sure your website has the required fan base, which is detailed, accessible and colorful.

Online course

While any form of education is invaluable, it can still be valued at a good price. Developing and organizing an online course for students who wish to learn a subject is an advantage. While some online course providers offer the course for free on their own personalized websites, most companies typically partner with other digital content providers who provide them with the tools they need to complete their courses. The maximum cost incurred is also the minimum amount you pay for your domain name and hosting space or for the digital content company to present its journey on your platform.


If you think you want to shoot professionally, you may already have a high resolution camera. Without paying attention to the expenses of the latter, as a budding photographer wishing to undertake independent projects, he has only to devote his time to the creation of his profile online.

Stall of books on the street

If you've ever crossed the flora fountain in Mumbai or College Street in Calcutta, you've probably come across many small bookstores full of diligent readers and boring students. Start by installing a cabin with a license that requires good local contacts. After that, just buy a dozen books from other vendors to start the exchange of used books.

Advertising Campaign Developers

A profession almost exclusively online. The idea of ​​running a creative business ideas in india of this type stems from the fact that most advertising agencies have outsourced their campaign developments to break the standard patterns and reduce the pressure. As a result, independent consultants for a company's advertising campaigns are in high demand in today's market. As a person wishing to start a business in this direction, you must be willing to invest your time and money in the running of an active website (with a domain name, hosting services and possibly SEO) to offer your services. to potential customers. ,

Custom jewelry

If real silver, gold and diamond jewelry were all we had today as an option, we could run empty handed most of our lives. However, bespoke jewelry belongs to our old tradition and remains one of the most profitable markets. To research this activity, you must be willing to negotiate with the manufacturers of these custom-made items by offering them a good discount or by buying their bulk products at a lower price. In any case, the trick is to sell it at a higher price than the one you would buy in a retail store or stall (in a popular place) for which you have to pay for the rented space. However, your total collective costs can be covered at 7,000-8,000 rupees.

Tea stand

Can you imagine a world without tea? What would we do with our afternoons? Although the tea industry has experienced exceptional development over the decades, owners of smaller tea houses have undoubtedly benefited from their overall success. In addition to the basic budget for renting a small room or stand, the only other investment you need to make is to buy tea from manufacturers and buy benches and tables.

Social Media Strategist

Social networks have become the way of the world. Businesses, startups and personal channels have recognized themselves and are working to increase their presence in the field. While most large companies (especially in the media) now have a social media team to handle this aspect, the smaller ones are turning to independent social network strategists. The only investment you should make as a person wanting to build a brand in this line is to improve your online presence by promoting platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn and by earning a minimum to maintain your site. They occupy a higher position of research sites.

Fashion Design

Meghna Nayak, founder of LataSita, a fashion brand that makes ancient saris with beautiful and unique ethnic elements, said: "I felt inspired and confident enough to found LataSita in India, where we already have a long tradition of Upcycling and played at The Culture - I wanted to update it and achieve it with a certain style and dazzling brilliance! "(As Vagabomb said). While most of your adjusted budget for the material was spent on your designs, the concept of recycling saris helped to overcome this turmoil. His main investment was to maintain a workspace and pay his two tailors.

online fitness instructor

The world wants to get in shape. Although not everyone has the time or inclination to go to the gym or participate in gymnastics classes, the idea of ​​a physical trainer visiting his home and helping him get started in shape is clearly more attractive. Therefore, if you want to start an online fitness business, you have to spend your money to maintain a strong online presence on your website and social networks because you do not need to rent a studio or equipment. .

Graphic design

It's a common notion that graphic designers often earn more when they work at home than full-time employees. While this may seem like a simplification, the truth is that graphic designers have the greatest demand when they work independently and are willing to undertake client projects outside of the prescribed work. Assuming they already have the equipment they need to run their projects (computers, software, etc.), all they need to do is make sure their work becomes viral, so potential customers can find it and find a new one. project.

Dance School / Music

The only investment that needs to be made by those who want to do a dance or music school is in the rental room. In addition, the company relies on its instructor skills and active presence on prestigious circuits. As the business grows, you may have to pay the salary of an assistant or an employee, but in the early stages, the trick is to make sure there are enough people to recommend your school to future students.

Tiffin Service

As mentioned, entering the food industry is almost always a victory. Nowadays, many professionals prefer to eat but do not have the time to prepare and take home-made meals. You could come here. Since cooking is likely to be done in your own kitchen, you do not have to pay for extra space. Therefore, the only important investment you must make at this time is the provision of these services through an intermediary.

Handicraft services

This includes all the unknown heroes: the electrician, the plumber, the house staff and others without whom we could not stay a single day. These artisans and women generally choose not to belong to an organization and rather work independently at home for a small fee. Therefore, only their initial acquisition costs are invested in the acquisition of the necessary tools corresponding to their respective professions.


Would not you feel better if you knew someone cares for your pet while he was a slave at work - give him food on time, play with him and make sure he is not alone? Especially if you have to go on a business trip or vacation. It is a very lucrative and largely unexplored area in our country and promises to be promising for all who wish to stand out. The main cost would be the creation and maintenance of a website.

Research company

While most companies have their own research teams, many start-ups and small businesses tend to outsource their research to independent researchers in the same field. Therefore, you can start a business with an independent investigation yourself or with another person. If you do not want to choose a rental space, your only investment is your time. However, if you work with another person or with a baby, you may also have to deposit a salary amount.

food carts

Prem Ganapathy, one of India's richest entrepreneurs, began his creative business by selling Idlis and Dosas on a streetcar in front of Vashi station, which he rented for 150 rupees a month. And while the handcart has been replaced by a chain of luxury restaurants around the world, that's why it's so successful today. Food Trucks offer the same potential for those wishing to enter the high-performance, low-cost market, knowing that the urban masses are becoming more attractive today. In Bengaluru, there was even a pure food truck company, 7 Sin, which has grown very well since then. In terms of acquisition costs, the only thing to do is to rent a solid food truck for a small fee and pay the salary of a driver forced to drive it through hot spots in their respective countries. towns.

sports training

While we welcome all the efforts of Mahavir Singh Phogat in Dangal, not all coaches can be congratulated by members of his own family. To this end, individuals with experience in a particular sport who have worked both inside and outside of it should be concerned with the training of supporters. Your experience and experience in a sport will help you increase the value of your brand and attract the attention of various sports academies who are looking for independent coaches for specific seasons. You should even look for aspiring athletes who want to take professional training from an independent coach instead of enrolling in an academy.

translation services

In India, the average salary of a translator is 416,093 rupees a year. In the face of globalization, the inflow of foreign companies has quadrupled and it is often difficult to organize meetings because of the lack of a common language (English is not always applicable). Translators are in high demand and those who want to join the company will be happy to know that installation costs are minimized. The only thing they have to spend their money on is to teach the foreign language how to speak the language.

consultation service

Home counseling has become very popular in recent years. While many still have an individual show, many have enlisted to delegate the attack of clients seeking consultations in their area. While it is important that those responsible for these services have experience in the region where they are located, the minimum cost to start this home-based business is still considerable.


Are you a control freak when planning your trip? Do you like to plan a travel itinerary, spend hours searching the internet for the cheapest and most effective ticket combinations and have the history of a ruined cultural heritage? If this is the case, you should consider opening a tour guide company where groups of travelers (school trips, academics, tourists) can ask you not only to make all necessary arrangements for the trip, but also to guide them . The leader of the pack. Since all activities can be managed via the Internet, there is no need for additional start-up costs, possibly a guide page for potential customers.

card maker

There is a reason why we did not notice that Archies cards do the trick. Indeed, card manufacturing has started all over the country and manufacturers are accepting custom orders at nominal prices. Again, the key factor is the use of the Internet and appropriate software and tools. You must therefore pay a standard price to allow unlimited use.  The primary investment is to maintain an attractive website and make it a strong  presence so that enough people start talking about it and recommending it.

cooking lessons

Cooking classes are a hit for the urban masses because food attracts everyone. As a professional chef, you can take cooking classes online and offline. First, you can use a platform like YouTube and Facebook or create your own website to achieve the same goal. In both cases, the cost is an absolute minimum. For these, you can book a study on days you want to complete the lesson, which is relatively economical given the hours and days chosen.

Although each of these companies has a number of risks and obstacles to overcome, it also has the potential to become a great success. Finally, a quote from the legendary Henry Ford, who said: "If everything goes against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind and not with him."
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