If you choose a franchise, you want to find a company that produces quality products and services for the consumer. When choosing a franchise, there are several factors to consider: initial investment, capital requirements, corporate financing, current trends, and the time it takes for your business to be operational.

Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns has been # 1 Franchise 500® since 1983 and produces fresh, fast and tasty sandwiches.


Initial costs
329,500 USD - 557,500 USD

It can be used at home

You can work part time

Why Jimmy Johns

No soups, salads not just sandwiches. Our story is first class. Our system works. We have been doing this for 35 years. We are one of the fastest growing chain restaurants in the United States and are recognized by Money Magazine as the best fast casual chain services in the United States. Most importantly, people love our food! 2700 strong units and plenty of room to grow.

We define cool. Our meat and vegetables are hand cut everyday at home, and our bread is baked fresh every day. So, it has been since 1983. We spend 6 hours cutting and cooking daily for 30 seconds sandwiches for our customers. With the preparation behind us, our system is designed for fast and flawless execution.

Jimmy Johns is simplicity. We have a product, system menu and very disciplined. No one else is as efficient, effective and consistent as we offer a freshly prepared solution for less than $ 20 meal.

We want to be the best and make every effort to get the job done!

The sales

real people who love our food and are willing to do something to make great sandwiches for our guests. This is a way of life and it is difficult. We are looking for those who want to go further!

What you need

$ 80,000 of his own money and a net worth of $ 300,000


Our training program gives you the tools you need to successfully run your store. The training program includes training in classrooms and offices and 4 weeks of hands-on experience in managing new franchise owners. Learners know all aspects of business management, from making bread to cutting vegetables and learning to manage costs and food finances.

StretchLab franchise

StretchLab is the industry leader in offering affordable and supported extensions that have been created with a variety of offerings to give customers the opportunity to live long.


Initial costs
$ 193,275 - $ 273,925


You can work part time

Stretching is an old practice, but StretchLab's unique and innovative approach to stretching has created a broad and dedicated base of fans across the country. No complicated equipment or equipment, just a simple solution for every body and every body tight, no matter why they enter our doors. Our individual courses and our truly original group extension courses change lives.

Consumers are looking for more ways to reduce the risk of injury, restore mobility, improve flexibility, improve freedom of movement and give them time to recover, to regain their freedom. Considered by the New York Times as "the next dominator of the fitness industry," assisted stretches have garnered national attention; StretchLab's collaborative and fun stretching services are at the forefront of the market.

Why StretchLab?

Advantages of First Mover: StretchLab is available in all major markets. Do not miss the opportunity to own our own local market.

Comprehensive support: We believe that comprehensive training leads to success, from leasing to business growth, through recruitment, finance, sales and marketing, to sustainable development, you will receive support from each step!

Executive Model: The StretchLab Turnkey franchise model offers a fully scalable business that helps you determine your own success. This allows you to take advantage of significant development costs and relationships with domestic suppliers to launch your study successfully.

Investment:  Advantage of recurring revenue model and the trust we place in our team with more than 25 years of experience in fitness franchises.


AKT is a unique cardiovascular exercise based on dance created every three weeks by Anna Kaiser herself.

Initial costs
$ 346,100 - $ 487,000


What is the act?

AKT was developed by the famous coach Anna Kaiser. This is a cardio exercise based on the unique dance in which Anna Kaiser creates a new original program. It is a combination of bodybuilding, interval, circuit training and dance. Encouraged by the positivity and belief that exercise has a strong and lasting impact, AKT is suitable for all body types and physical fitness. It's a unique combination of cardiovascular training, toning, interval training and circuit training. With this positive attitude and a combination of personal training and movement-based technology, AKT allows members to strengthen themselves in body, mind and community, and they benefit!



AKT has a proven track record in one of the most competitive markets and has vast market potential. Be the first to introduce AKT's unique training to your local market!


We believe that extensive training is the key to your success, whether it's leasing, development, recruitment, financing, sales and marketing, or sustainable activities, you will receive support at each step!

Execution template

Our franchise model offers a fully scalable business that helps you determine your own success. Take advantage of development costs and relationships with domestic suppliers to launch your study successfully.


Enjoy low-cost entry, a recurring revenue model, exceptional EBITDA margins and the trust you place in our team with more than 25 years of experience in fitness franchises.

 Healthier 4U 

The healthiest 4U-Vending is the main distribution system for healthy eating habits while on the go

business opportunity

Initial costs
$ 18,000 to $ 115,000

It can be used at home

Healthier 4U Vending, a wholly owned subsidiary of 21st Century Technologies Group, was founded to become the world's leading health products sales company. Our experience in manufacturing, distributing and purchasing products combined with world-class customer service quickly made us the market leader in the retail sector.

At our training center in Las Vegas, Nevada, we offer the standard of excellence in training and technical assistance in the sales sector. We will show you how to use our advanced remote access technology to monitor your machines from anywhere on the Internet. We also offer hands-on experience in loading and servicing machines. We provide important information about the tax benefits of your own business and how you can get additional depreciation and benefits. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the information and tools they need to succeed in this industry, not just to survive.

Why 4U healthier sale?

The healthiest 4U-Vending is the main distribution system for healthy eating habits while on the move. With multiple levels of investment, you can become an independent owner / operator of these artistically national branded machines.

At Healthier4U Vending, we not only offer machines and a commercial model, we also offer a selection of real places where you can place machines. We have in-house experts who can find locations for your machines in your area. Our site specialists will work with you to find the best locations to meet your needs, both geographically and in the choice of locations you want (eg schools, gyms, etc.). Once we have selected certain places, you will have the selected sites. Once the locations are approved, we configure the installation of the machine. It's that simple!

Our unique machines manufactured in the United States offer a complete remote access technology. This allows the acceptance of credit and debit cards, as well as access to sales, maintenance and inventory, available online. Here are other reasons to choose 4U healthier:

No franchise fees.

Locations are indicated
Business Plan and Training in Las Vegas.
No zone or restrictions on its operation.
American Made Machines - Made by UAW Teamsters!
Get the best equipment, prices and service, which makes Healthier 4U Vending a better option for all of us.
Customization and customization for your needs, from investment levels and specialized products to training and corporate training, we offer everything.
A full service opportunity that gives you the edge of the market you need.

First training and support.

Training and practical experience at a training seminar two days after the sale. We have experts in all aspects of the business: technical assistance, material assistance, business services and support, sales and product support.
Access our employees with over 100 years of experience in creating, operating and supporting small businesses.
An overview of the industry and its role We offer everything you need to realize your potential in the industry, with 5 or 500 machines.
Is the trade you were looking for?

We have opportunities for motivated people who want to be part of this exciting new development in the vending machine industry: people who are not afraid of change but accept technological change (remote monitoring software, acceptance of cards credit and debit in vending machines) and changes in American eating habits and choice. You do not need technical knowledge, just the desire to learn, because we can teach you the rest!

Row house

Row House is a network of high-end rowing studios offering energy efficiency training with little impact on team energy production.


Initial costs
USD 231,600 - USD 353,750


You can work part time

Become a pioneer in the rowing shop.


Founded in New York in 2014, Row House was born from the idea that rowing is simply the most effective, energetic and energetic exercise for all levels of fitness that unites, inspires and encourages a little more With its broad base of dedicated national fans, Row House is the market leader.


With a proven concept in one of the most competitive markets, Row House has great potential - be the first to incorporate Row House's unique training into your local market!


We believe that extensive training is the key to your success, whether it's leasing, development, recruitment, financing, sales and marketing, or sustainable activities, you will receive support at each step!

Execution template

Our franchise model offers a fully scalable business that helps you determine your own success. Take advantage of development costs and relationships with domestic suppliers to launch your study successfully.


Enjoy low-cost entry, a recurring revenue model, exceptional EBITDA margins, and the trust you place in our team with decades of experience in fitness franchises.


Consumers are looking for more durable and less effective exercise options that reduce the risk of injury while providing effective training.

In an industry that traditionally relies on competition within a classroom, the Row House townhouse is different. We do not change the experience, we create a new one. He who gathers everyone, paddling at the same pace, in the same river and with the same energy.

HomeVestors of America Inc.

We buy ugly houses. You can be in real estate, transforming dumped apartments into profits, work from home or grow as you please!


Initial costs
54,000 - 357,250 USD

It can be used at home


Find out how to become a franchisee with the largest home buyer in the United States and take advantage of the $ 10 billion retail sector by joining HomeVestors®, the only national franchise brand for the home.

The time has come to realize your dream of investing in real estate! To become a HomeVestors franchise partner, you do not have to be a professional real estate investor, you just need to want it.

With over 900 independent franchises in the United States. UU., Our qualified franchises improve the neighborhood while providing excellent opportunities for homeowners, tenants and real estate investors. We are committed to high ethical standards and rigorous systems leading to responsible business practices.

If you are considering investing in real estate as a full-time or part-time career, you may want to join our franchise network for a number of reasons:

No.1 Home Franchise and No.1 Homebuyer in the United States Instantly recognized as buying Ugly Houses®, homeowners, buyers, renters, and other investors already know that you are part of a well-established brand.

Powerful marketing strategies and incredibly strong brand awareness generate a steady flow of potential customers to our franchisees

Proven system that works. Thanks to the excellent support and training that accompanies our excellent system, join a real estate franchise that has already acquired more than 85,000 homes across the country.

The coaching and personal assistance of our HomeVestors development agents to assist and train you in the purchase, renovation, sale or rental of real estate in your market areas.

An intensive training program that includes home purchase systems and exit strategies for fast-sellers, using one or all of our seven proven strategies to help you sell quickly. They learn how to deal with homeowners who are in an "ugly situation", how our home buying process is explained and how these homeowners can help them sell their home quickly to solve their "ugly situation".
The incredible system that has helped our real estate franchises buy more homes than any other home buying system ever developed

It's easier than ever to get into real estate! As a HomeVestors franchise partner, you have:
Financing for the purchase and qualified repair of houses.
Insurance of empty goods at group rates by a third party

A HomeVestors homepage to access HomeVestors hosted information and websites for HVA franchisees to help them sell their homes

Options for your lifestyle: HomeVestors offers opportunities for real estate investors full-time or part-time. The full franchise and associated franchise offer allows franchisees to use the We Buy Ugly Houses® brand. The franchisee can work from home part time.


We have a complete program to help you become an entrepreneur. Start your own business and sell text marketing.

business opportunity

Initial costs
$ 3,995 - $ 3,995

It can be used at home


You can work part time

Become a reseller

Start your own business starting at $ 3995.00

We have a complete program to help you become an entrepreneur. Start your own business and sell text marketing and live chat. Sell ​​both or sell both

Start your own business in text marketing.
No experience is needed!
Finish the training!
In the demand for products
Limited competition
Complete equipment behind you
Large profit margins
Work full-time or part-time

How to make money: be your own boss. We show you

You can work from anywhere, earn a recurring income and be your own boss. We show you how.

It's simple, we provide the technology, the website, the marketing material and we train it to succeed.

What must you do to succeed? Let people know about your technology and the great marketing tool of your business.

Monthly income possible

During the first 60 days, you can earn $ 3000.00 per month. The more time you spend sharing technology with business owners, the more you attract customers.

To get started, contact us today at 949-500-8846 or visit to register.

Express's employment professionals 

Express's employment professionals thrive with more than 750 sites and annual sales of $ 3 billion.


Initial costs
105,000 - 195,000 US dollars

It can be used at home

You can work part time

The temporary labor industry is in the process of generating $ 147 billion a year in North America. Express's employment professionals generated revenues of $ 3.05 billion in 2016 and are the number one human resources at Entrepreneur 500. Express is offering a new $ 10,000 franchise bonus for a limited time. Our initial offices generate sales of more than $ 1 million in the first year, while the average number of mature offices is $ 6.2 million per year. * As the owner of an express franchise, he also manages his life with flexible weekdays in a professional environment. Express is a growing franchise with more than 770 sites and a 34-year history.

Express Employment Professionals - A World Class Franchise

1st place in the Staffing Industry category and 31st place in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 (2017)

Considered a first class franchise, Express earned a 99% rating from franchisees in terms of the quality of the Express franchise system (2006-2017).

World Top 100 Direct Franchise Awards (2015-2016)

Best of Staffing Award for Customers, Inavero in association with CareerBuilder (2011-2015)

The most dynamic franchise entrepreneurs (2013-2015)

Hall of Fame Member of the International Franchise Association (2010).
Investment needs:

Initial franchise fee: $ 35,000

Total investment: $ 130,000 to $ 206,000

Net worth required: $ 250,000

Liquid capital: USD 50,000

The facts of the Express franchise: *

In 2016, the average size of mature Express franchises generated annual revenues of $ 6.2 million.

New homeowners earn an average of $ 138,500 per month in their 12th month of activity and their monthly income is $ 173,900 in month 24.

Express franchisees paid an average fee of only 8.5% in 2016.

* For areas open for more than 60 months, the average income in 2016 was $ 6,266,483. Section 19 of the Express franchise disclosure document indicated that the average of the first year's offices was $ 1,016,560.

An Express Employment Professionals franchise

Express offers new franchisees a unique opportunity to generate income and capital, help them improve their careers and influence the local community. It's a professional business with weekends. Even people with experience in the HR sector can benefit from our Boost to Ownership program. Contact us for more information on this package.

We offer our franchise partners more than just operational support. Through multi-level marketing campaigns, sales training and public relations support, our franchisees can focus on growing their business. Express also offers annual regional and international training events and ongoing training for employees and owners through our online university.

Role of franchise

Express offers franchisees two ownership models. The traditional model requires an investment of $ 130,000 to $ 150,000 and an active role for the franchise owner in the development of new business areas. The professional market model requires an investment of $ 180,000 to $ 206,000 and applies to previously designated areas with a high propensity to recruit professional staff. In this model, owners participate in tailor-made training and, unlike a traditional office with one person in that position, they will have two recruitment officers. In both models, our franchisees have the opportunity to start their own business while spending their lives outside the office, while allowing them to enjoy family and friends.

 In general, we are looking for:

Commercial or commercial skills

At least five years of leadership, sales or sales management experience.

With our proprietary business model, you can create your own definition.

Digital Marketing Training Group

Own digital marketing business, royalty free, unlimited income.

business opportunity

Initial costs
US $ 25,000 to 65,000

It can be used at home


You can work part time

The most complete marketing opportunity in the world.
Our program will be part of the prestigious $ 250 billion digital marketing sector. You have the opportunity to earn unlimited income by offering digital marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Work from home, part-time or full-time, thanks to our very low overhead business model.

Brief information on our opportunity:

With the digital marketing training group, you can leverage your share of the digital marketing industry with billions of dollars by owning your own marketing business. You do not even need experience in digital marketing or corporate ownership. We train you and train you at our intensive training at our headquarters. The best part of our model is that you do not have to do any marketing work for your customers. We have developed a white label model in which our in-house team of experts perform all the technical marketing work for your company. So just find customers. It's your business and your customers always see that it's your business doing the work. Earn six-figure income by winning customers and providing marketing services with proven results at a competitive price.

Important facts:

Digital advertising costs $ 229.25 billion worldwide and will grow to $ 335.48 billion by 2020.
In the United States alone, digital advertising costs $ 72 billion.
Digital marketing accounts for 41% of total spend on advertising in companies. It's bigger than advertising on television, radio or print.

A company that really allows unlimited income.
Every business needs marketing services. Whether it's a website, lead generation, segmentation or just an online presence, digital marketing is the most effective and comprehensive way to grow a business. Our model provides a recurring income or residual income for each client you are with. Your marketing business is offered from a single source and offers all digital marketing solutions at a very reasonable price. Make a fortune by continuing to build a customer portfolio and reducing your share of a $ 300 billion global industry.

Important facts:

Since we are not a franchise, we can not deduct any royalty from your profits.
Earn the remaining or recurring revenue of customers with the services they provide.
Our model guarantees an activity with very low overhead costs, so its profit margins are very high.
You can get a six-figure income by creating a portfolio of clients, which we will show you in our training course.
Some services you can offer will generate a six-figure income.

A business model that is resistant to recession and extremely profitable in all economic climates
Marketing is essential for any business. Without them, a company never wins customers and may fail. Whether the economy is good or bad, marketing remains a necessity and is the essential element of long-term success. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and growing, making it almost impossible for entrepreneurs to know what works and what strategy is best for their business. Here you come in. You will be the digital marketing advisor to any business owner, because you will be able to advise and generate results for your business to be successful.

An intensive course that will change your life:

During our one-week internship, you will receive expert training with more than 75 years of experience in digital marketing. We are not just trainers in the industry, but a complete agency for digital marketing. The best part of our model is that you will not have too many problems, because we will act as back office and do all the work. They focus solely on acquisitions and customer relationships. Your training will not stop after your first time with us. We will continue to train you monthly for industry updates and changes. The training goes beyond our initial training and continues throughout the life of your company.

You can offer the following digital marketing services:

Positioning in search engines (SEO)
Lead Generation
Pay per click (PPC)
strengthening links
Email marketing
Marketing in social networks
LinkedIn management
Website creation and hosting
call tracking
Digital networks
reputation management
video marketing
Content creation and marketing.
Advertising in Google AdWords

You do not need any prior knowledge to succeed:

You do not need to be a technology assistant or experience to learn and succeed in this field. You simply need to have the desire to be financially independent, the ability to learn and the need to succeed. We designed our program to be very easy to understand and implement after graduation.

Our marketing program is sure to be there for you the first day.

In fact, we offer our potential clients companies that need financing. We offer exclusive customers who need financing to grow your business. We spent almost a day and a half of marketing during our training. Since our founders have been working in the marketing industry for over 15 years, we know what's important to get a high income in a short time.

The ideal business full-time or part-time.

The surprising aspect of our low-cost business model is that you can choose to work full-time or part-time, but your annual income is high and you work freely at any time. Better yet, you do not need to have a large office to succeed in this field. Work comfortably from your home or workplace while traveling. We'll even show you how to grow your business and get people working for you while you run your business from home.

Continuous assistance and training throughout the life of your company.

It's not a franchise. There are no ongoing fees, only lifetime support. What makes our graduates successful is the constant support and training we offer after the first course. Whether it's your first week of work or three years later, we are always here to help and advise you throughout your activity. We will continue to train you every month for the duration of your business regarding fluid changes in the industry and new marketing practices to ensure long-term growth and success.

N-Hance Woodwork

N-Hance, the largest wood processing company in the world, uses patented treatment solutions and techniques to restore the natural beauty of its floors, cabinets and parquet doors, at a lower cost and in a fraction of the time than a traditional transformation.


Initial costs
62,212 USD - 160,909 USD

It can be used at home


You can work part time

Having one of the most exciting franchise opportunities has never been easier. You can now have your own franchise in a protected market with a unique service in the market. Our unique process delivers amazing results for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional repairs to hardwood floors and wood furniture.

N-Hance Wood Renewal has been providing franchises since 2003 and has grown rapidly to reach more than 500 franchises in the United States. UU And in 3 other countries. What does this mean to you? Now, they can be part of a proven system and a broader program in the construction market, The Home Depot. If you've been looking for an opportunity to guide your future now, it's time to learn more about N-Hance.

Renewing cabinets and hardwood floors has never been easier!

As a N-Hance Wood Renewal franchisee, you can offer consumers a unique service in the marketplace:

Its customers enjoy beautiful and new wooden floors and cabinets.
Our unique process delivers incredible results at a fraction of the cost of a typical wood repair.

There is NO dust, NO confusion, no smell and most work is done in one day.
All of these low cost = satisfied, loyal customers and recommendations for your business.

Our commitment to our franchisees includes:

Exclusive zones

First class training, starting with our highly effective quick start and pre-training programs.

Exceptional technical support throughout the day.
Continuous development of products.

30 years of proven marketing that brings you customers.

Our formula to begin: be simple: we provide you all the tools! You could be the missing variable.

Initial Investment: Your N-Hance franchise can start with a relatively small investment. With internal financing and an initial payment of only $ 24,000, you will find that your monthly cost is approximately the same as a good payment for a used car.

Deposit = $ 24,000
Self-financing from 8% to 10%.

Quick Start Program: Find out everything you need for your business with a six-day comprehensive training program at our facility in Logan, Utah. We also support you on an ongoing basis through our qualified support team and our network of franchisees.

Complete turnkey package: Get the equipment, supplies, training and support you need to get started. We offer business cards to Van Stickers.

Full Support: You receive individual lessons. Attend webinars, seminars and conventions to discover how to grow your business.

The UPS store

Transform your life today. Be your own boss.


Initial costs
$ 168,885 - $ 398,323


Being in the business for yourself, not for yourself
Feedback from our franchise owners across the country showed that opening a franchise with The UPS Store was one of the most rewarding decisions of our company. Take a franchise with a leading brand such as The UPS Store offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pursue their dreams of small business and management with the reliable support of an experienced national brand.

When you open a franchise, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to make your own business decisions and be your own boss as you work toward your goals and your personal and financial pace.

How UPS Store should help here:
The industry's first franchise model: For 29 consecutive years, Entrepreneur magazine has named it the # 500 franchise # 1 in the business services sector.

Brand Strength: An iconic brand that has been recognized as the first retail brand by the American Brand Excellence Awards of Business Journals.

World Class Training: Comprehensive internal and internal training programs recognized by the American Society for Training and Development's PEAK Award.

Support and special tools: ongoing operational support and tools you need to manage and grow your business effectively.

The UPS store has already helped thousands of new owners like you through our 35 years of experience in the franchise industry and more than 4,800 locations in the United States. UU Trust the support and world-class education of The UPS Store to help you open a franchise and realize your entrepreneurial dreams like never before. With UPS Store, you have your own business and not only, and we're here to help you every step of the way.

Benefits of the franchise

 With its own UPS store, it has a proven franchise model: more than 4,800 stores in the United States. UU

The benefits of the UPS store franchise include:

Strength of the brand: The UPS store is recognized as the most important retail brand by the Business Journals American Business Excellence Awards and ranks first in the business services sector for 27 consecutive years Entrepreneur Magazine.
National advertising and marketing: Our national advertising campaigns increase brand awareness, while regional efforts and local store marketing create excitement for your neighborhood.
World Class Training: As part of our training program, new franchises spend a total of 10 days in a center and nine days in the UPS Store at our San Diego campus.
Support and special tools: The UPS store provides tools and support to grow your business.
Solutions for Retail Companies: We work in partnership with major customers of UPS and other national brands to outsource shipping and printing activities to our franchisees.
Multi-unit Opportunities: Approximately 52% of our franchise network has more than one center. For qualified franchisees, we can offer discounted franchise rates and special training to help you grow.

Selected markets

As an aspiring entrepreneur, choosing a franchise that matches your personality and unique business goals is a difficult task. After that, choosing the right location for your franchise can be just as difficult. With The UPS Store, you can be assured of a dedicated support team that will identify the best franchise opportunities where you want them.

Batteries Plus bulbs

You dreamed of the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss. They have enthusiasm and ambition. Now all you need is the ideal franchise opportunity: batteries and bulbs. Find out how unique, cost-effective, and compatible Batteries Plus bulbs are, and how to deliver the products and services that consumers and businesses will need in the years to come.


Initial costs
$ 220,000 - $ 286,000


As a franchise owner, you can provide solutions through on-demand products and services, including batteries, light bulbs, phone repairs and key programs for your car. No other distributor offers them in the same place. You earn revenue from many streams, including retail and commercial sales.


While there are many variables that can affect your bottom line, the top 25% of Batteries Plus Ampbs activity generates average sales of $ 1,416,761 * and a 53.6% ** profit margin. You can count on our 30 years of steady growth in business and revenue. Join this success!


Batteries and lamps lead our lives. In fact, the average home in the United States UU It has 28 devices running on batteries and 61 shots of bulbs. There are many batteries and lamps that need to be replaced. And in an increasingly mobile world, if your phone goes down or the battery stops working, you need to fix it quickly. Be the hero for your customers. It helps solve your problems and provides essential solutions that improve your life.


You become an expert in a variety of services and industries. You do not need experience! We strive to help you grow your business. Soon you will be a professional battery, light bulbs, phone repair and car key programming. Get tools, training and resources from the beginning and throughout your experience with the owner. Real estate, field sales, IT, training, marketing, etc .: our proven systems help maximize the potential of your business. You will never be alone with the training and support that extends to the entire store, to the opening and beyond.


The batteries are cleaned. Incandescent lamps are replaced by more energy efficient models. The phones crack and break. Your products and services, as well as your physical location, are always necessary. In fact, 96% of Batteries Plus Bulbs online orders are collected at the store. This shows that immediacy is fundamental to consumers and differentiates us from online retailers. Our comprehensive quality assurance ensures that customers buy the best, are satisfied and keep coming back. As technology and markets evolve, we are moving ahead of trends to ensure that your business is never left behind. Our 30 years of sustainable success are the test.

It is worth investing

By providing products and services based on the daily needs of individuals and businesses, you can begin to build your personal wealth and achieve your long-term goals. The fact that more than 57% of our businesses are owned by multiple store operators is a testament to our unwavering commitment to helping you grow your business. Your investments are in good hands.


Increase your stake in a $ 4 billion industry

Chem-Dry is the largest carpet cleaning franchise in the world and one of the most affordable franchise opportunities for many units you can own. Entrepreneur magazine has ranked Chem-Dry as the number one franchise and carpet cleaning franchise for more than 30 years.

Why we are a first class franchise:

The carpet cleaning industry has experienced historic growth reaching $ 5 billion in 2017 and additional growth of 1-2% in 2018

Chem-Dry is the largest carpet cleaning company in the United States.
Nearly 3,500 franchise partners worldwide use our patented products. We have more than 40 years of experience and success.

Carpet cleaning is a very fragmented industry with enormous growth potential. Chem-Dry is the industry leader


US homeowners install more than 10 billion square feet of new carpets each year, which must be cleaned for decades. Since 1977, a name stands out: Chem-Dry. Take advantage of this growing market with an extremely low down payment and low monthly licensing fees.

Required liquid capital: $ 30,000
Net worth: $ 50,000
Total investment: 56,495 USD - 162,457 USD
Franchise Fee: $ 23,500
Financial Assistance: AVAILABLE
Training and support: YES


Jani-King, which has more than 11,000 franchisees worldwide, is the king of Clean.


Initial costs
$ 11,000 - $ 19,695


Jani-King is one of the most inspiring stories in the world and represents entrepreneurship. With his vision and passion, Jani-King was the first company to convert the franchise concept to the commercial cleaning business. The concept that a contractor would offer tougher standards and better service to its customers has transformed the cleaning industry and the lives of many franchise owners.

License opportunities

With more than 120 regional offices in 14 countries, Jani-King is a global brand. In fact, Jani-King joins the best of the best to keep this name at the forefront of the industry. Jani-King is a proven franchise system that has been around for over 40 years.


Through innovation and experience, Jani-King offers unprecedented support to franchisees. From initial training to administrative and operational support, Jani-King knows what it takes to make franchises successful businesses. Part of this effort is to stay on the cutting edge of technology and cleaning processes. Jani King franchisees have access to state-of-the-art equipment, customized software and specialized training.

Tutor doctor

A business model for the home that offers a unique service that makes the difference!


Initial costs
USD 62,500 - USD 100,700

You can work part time

Doctor  franchise is the opportunity to join the fastest-growing franchise in a growing, recession-resistant industry, while making a difference in your community. Franchise physicians who lead a team of professional tutors benefit from our personalized registration template, which supports students of all ages at home.

Using a home based business model, Tutor Doctor eliminates the need for high overhead costs associated with a traditional brick and mortar business. With more than 400 franchise companies in 15 countries, it has never been easier to join our team!

83% of tutors' franchisees do not come from education.
In fact, 25% of the franchisee community Tutor Doctor has experience in financial services, computing, manufacturing and medical care. From housewives to senior executives in their area (former Boeing president, for example), all Tutor Doctor franchises had three things in common. They wanted

Be proud of the product or service they represent.
Passion for what they did and.

Earn money
Tutoring has become an essential means of strengthening traditional learning. ,, responds to a need and offers services that parents, in the opinion of the schools, can no longer provide. The growing desire for academic excellence and the lack of resources in our school systems are driving the current upsurge. The growing influence of Tutor Doctor in the industry has not gone unnoticed. Our tutorial franchise program has been voted the world's # 1 in internal coaching.

 comfort keepers

Integrate your entrepreneurial spirit, build your future and improve the lives of seniors and other members of your community by becoming a franchisee of Comfort Keepers.


Initial costs
91,161 - 144,964 US dollars


Comfort Keepers: a leading brand in the growing care of the elderly sector.
NOW special financing available for qualified buyers

The care market for seniors will double over the next three decades.
The franchisees of Comfort Keepers are in an ideal position to take advantage of this opportunity.

Freedom, leadership, helping others or the opportunity to create wealth. Whatever your definition of success, a Comfort Keepers® franchise provides a unique path to personal and professional success. Qualified by the Franchise Research Institute® as a "world class Franchise®", Comfort Keepers is the first choice for the rapidly growing market of senior care with a highly respected brand, unmatched operating system and resources extended assistance. It's a true collaboration to succeed because franchisees play a vital role in defining franchisee strategies, products, resources and marketing.

Why are janitors an attractive business opportunity?

Expansion of the elderly care market: The elderly care market in the country will grow significantly over the next 30 years. By 2020, the home care market is expected to reach 23,000 million euros.  At present, few industries can match the growth potential of this attractive sector.

A leading brand: Comfort Keepers has been a recognized leader in the field of healthcare for seniors for more than 20 years, which is an undeniable strategic advantage for our franchisees.

Our proven system: a well-developed operating system provides a framework for the systematic initiation of franchising, continuous support and training along the growth curve.

Ways to build your personal wealth: Comfort Keepers provides a framework in which franchisees have the opportunity to create a prosperous future and realize their dreams through their hard work and dedication.

The Business Of Caring - Whether you have a health experience or just want to make a difference in the lives of people in your community, like many other Comfort Keepers franchises, you'll help become a valuable local business leader.

Exceptional support and training resources: We are proud of the exceptional support resources we provide to our franchisees to grow their businesses:

1. The new franchisee training includes a comprehensive hands-on training program.

2. Comfort Keepers regional business coaches are helping local franchisees plan their business processes, training, sales and operations.

3. The Business Support Center includes experienced senior management in virtually all areas of business, including operations, finance, sales / networking, marketing, training, operations, information technology. and human resources.

4. Sales and marketing help you grow the brand locally. We offer sales and marketing support, for example. For example, programs and sales processes, local brand websites for your personalization, branding and marketing materials, promotional themes, and more.

5. Management tools help local franchisees develop an organization that adapts over time, from IT systems to best HR policies, to relationships with key suppliers and consultants.

Solutions and services for home care.
Caregivers provide home care to clients, which we call Comfort Keepers®. With a process called Interactive CaregivingTM, we offer a range of services that allow seniors to live happily, independently, at home.

Accompanying services include assistance such as easy cleaning, meal preparation, shopping, random transportation, shopping and leisure activities.

Personal care includes transportation, mobility, hygiene and other services.

Home security technologies provide 24-hour security monitoring with our own SafetyChoice® Brand Monitoring System.

Specialty Care: Many of our franchisees offer special forms of care, including dementia care.
How to act well can be a good deal.

See for yourself how seniors' stores and other adult care facilities at Comfort Keepers can give you the opportunity to manage your future career and the potential for financial rewards while helping seniors get the most out of their life at home. Here's a brief description of what a Comfort Keepers franchisee should be:

Total investment - franchise fee of $ 100,000. Franchise fees, total start-up costs and working capital requirements will increase your total investment to approximately $ 83,060 to $ 114,390.

Protected areas: Protected areas are based on the general population, populations over 65 years of age, and the demographic averages of household income.

Planning Software: Each new Comfort Keepers® franchise includes the use of proprietary software for the first year of service management, programming and phone tracking.

Take the next step

We will be happy to share with you the opportunity of Comfort Keepers and explain how this exciting business can help you build a successful future. Our franchise advisors will be happy to provide you with detailed information or to answer your questions. Comfort Keepers proudly supports the Vet * Fran program.

Currently, Comfort Keepers accepts applications from all US states, with the exception of Alaska and Oklahoma.

Interested parties must have at least $ 50,000 available.

CycleBar Franchises

CycleBar is the first and only concept of premium experience offered in franchising. CycleBar utilizes current markets to leverage a proven industry and achieve exceptional success around the world.


Initial costs
$ 284,350 - $ 497,150


You can work part time

Cyclebar® Premium Indoor Cycling ™

CycleBar is the first and only concept of premium experience offered in franchising. The concept of indoor cycling has generated incredible momentum over the past 30 years. CycleBar uses current markets to build on this momentum and is experiencing exceptional success in a proven industry.

The mission of CycleBar® is simple: to provide a fun and accessible experience for cyclists of all ages and fitness levels! In our state-of-the-art CycleTheatre®, we provide every trip with incredible music and provide a concierge service and an exciting experience that goes beyond excellent cardio training. Each trip is an unprecedented intoxicating multisensory journey, with runners "swinging" every time.

CycleBar is the world's largest Premium Indoor Cycle studio network, with more than 180 sites expected to open in 2018. CycleBar provides an established leadership model, intensive training and a fully scalable business to make endless possibilities!

CycleBar is part of the Xponential Fitness family of brands, which preserves the best fitness and wellness brands in all areas of in-store fitness. Xponential Fitness has over 25 years of experience in gym franchises of all brands. Xponential Fitness has the resources and network necessary to ensure continued growth and support to its franchise partners. Xponential Fitness' current franchise brands include Pilates Club, Row House, Stretch Lab, Yoga Six and AKT.

Why CycleBar?


CycleBar is the world's largest network of high-end indoor cycling studios and is available in most major markets and US states. UU And international.


CycleBar is the first and only concept of premium experience offered in franchising. With over 380 sites sold and nearly 180 sites, CycleBar has grown rapidly.

Execution template

Take advantage of our recurring revenue model, exceptional EBITDA margins and the trust we place in our team, which has over 25 years of experience in fitness franchises.


CycleBar's turnkey franchise model offers a fully scalable business that helps you determine your own success. Take advantage of significant development costs and relationships with domestic suppliers to launch your study successfully!


basic property

Our dedicated staff will help you choose the site and negotiate the lease agreements to help you find the perfect location for your CycleBar franchise.


Our financial team will assist you in processing the loan by the SBA and the preferred lenders.


We will guide you through the entire expansion phase, from company-approved design to general design, interior design, security, music and technology.

The sales

Benefit from comprehensive sales training, monthly discussions and expert advice from presales to openness to sustainable development. Discover our multichannel sales network to increase your sales from the start!


Once your contract is signed, marketing your site begins with personal assistance that can provide all the means to generate traffic and site membership.


Get help to hire the most qualified trainers, business leaders and sales teams. We know that the quality of the instructor can affect the experience of the cycle. Each trip is a trip, whether rock or downhill.


We believe that comprehensive support and comprehensive training are essential to your success as a CycleBar franchise owner. Participate in a three-day training course at our California headquarters, an annual franchise agreement and weekly support. Your staff will also undergo extensive sales training to ensure your team determines the success of your study.


Do you want to own a business that changes people's lives? # 1 in Home Personal Training®, GYMGUYZ takes the coach, team, training and results home, to the workplace and to all customer locations. 200 sites in the United States and expanding around the world.


Initial costs
$ 56,650 - $ 220,752

It can be used at home


You can work part time

GYMGUYZ is number 1 in home training. We are a franchise company focused on individualized individual training, group sessions and business skills. GYMGUYZ was founded in 2008 by Josh York, founder. Josh has been in the fitness industry since 1999 and is dedicated to business growth. When GYMGUYZ started with a single truck in 2008, we only trained in the region.

We now have a fleet of carriers waiting in the tri-border area. GYMGUYZ has an outstanding team of certified personal trainers who use a unique philosophy that addresses all aspects of health and fitness. GYMGUYZ trucks have state-of-the-art equipment that coaches make available to their customers to provide excellent individual or group training.

Our services include weight loss, body culture, bodybuilding, bodybuilding, therapeutic sports / stretching, bodybuilding, senior training, obstacle training, kickboxing, group training, corporate training , Postpartum and prenatal training, Swimming pool training, Physical training for pre-teens and teens, Physical training, Physical training, nutritional counseling.

New category: GYMGUYZ has created a new category in the fitness industry that brings the gym to its customers. We are revolutionizing the fitness industry. People always want to look good and feel good and are willing to pay the right coaches to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. This company was created in 2008 despite the economic difficulties. GYMGUYZ continued to prosper.

Our service: Our customers always use their local gyms, but they work with GYMGUYZ to receive the "WOW" service, which comes from our 3 C comfortable, individual and creative.

Customer Success: Our customers have lost more than £ 6,000 in the last two years.
Visibility: You can not miss our vans! We always do branding and you do too. Our trucks move posters and are great for grabbing people's attention.

Recurring revenue: Revenues generated by recurring revenue are generated by customer training of 2 to 6 days per week. The courses throughout the week ensure a steady flow of money.

Scalability: Unlike traditional gyms, bricks and mortar are not needed. Like our founder, Josh York, you can start this business in your dining room. Once you have 3 or 4 delivery vans, you may need to consider a small office to meet the demand. In general, very little overhead is incurred.


GYMGUYZ offers a turnkey model that does not require brick and mortar. Owners do not need a certification of aptitude, but basic knowledge is an advantage. It is not a passive company, since it will develop in the 3 to 4 years after its opening, it may be possible to possess it passively. Owner responsibilities include marketing, recruiting coaches and networks. It is a project management company. The ability to be a good networker is a key part of our business model.

Our support is # 1! Our franchisees receive five days of training at our head office and two days of on-site training. Initial training includes:

operational training
staff training
Business Administration Training
customer service
Training in proprietary software.
Corporate offers ongoing support to all franchisees, including, among others,
Weekly Franchises Called
Monthly Webinars
training videos
Online portal
Visits to your market
Phones and proprietary programming systems.
R & D - fitness trends
Support the objective of the franchise
Support of software publishers.

Our MTS coach accompanies franchise owners throughout the process. Everything from the carrier's order to the carrier's delivery, to the order of the equipment, to the clothes, to the marketing articles, to the telephone system, to the seated.


InXpress is a package, freight and shipping specialist that offers unprecedented shipping solutions and personalized service that saves customers money, time and fun.


Initial costs
USD 84,600 - USD 174,500

It can be used at home


Franchisees insure customers, never touch parcels and receive longer commissions on shipping revenue

Global shipments generate annual revenues of hundreds of billions of dollars. This makes global trade possible. And it is a huge and costly problem for small and medium-sized businesses that depend on large transportation companies to serve their customers.

InXpress is a worldwide shipping franchise that offers small and medium-sized businesses the same price and customer service as Carrier Fortune 1000 companies. We benefit from discounts and enhanced service through cooperative purchases that bring together the revenues of these companies. small enterprises.

The global freight market was $ 700 billion in 2013 and will grow to $ 1.3 billion in 2023, according to a study by the US Department of Transportation and Research and Innovative Technologies. Fortune 1000 companies have the resources to engage logistics experts. But what about the next 5 million companies, which are less well paid and less experienced, but which together account for a significant share of the shipping market?

The promise of value for the InXpress customer: less effort + less costs + more communication = opportunity

We have nearly 300 franchisees in the world and nearly 100 in the United States. Franchisees do not handle boxes or trucks. They act as consultants or specialists. How it works

National and international transport companies (such as DHL) are very keen to support Fortune 1000 domestic and global corporations. Like any smart business, they offer the best deals and the best service to customers, generating substantial recurring revenue. Small and medium-sized businesses do not buy enough services to get substantial discounts or personalized attention. However, they have the same needs.

InXpress changes this equation. We act as a buying group to unite the collective purchasing power of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. We then guarantee operators tens of millions of dollars per year of activity and negotiate significant discounts: less than any small or medium-sized business could trade alone.

Franchisees visit small and medium-sized businesses, find out what they are currently paying for shipping, and offer real, quantifiable savings. In addition, although franchisees and InXpress perform certain customer service tasks, they do not do heavy work. Customers save immediately and franchisees earn income.

Normally, companies agree to use InXpress as proof. After a positive experience, these companies bring all their mail order activity to the InXpress franchise. This ongoing business relationship provides the franchisee with a valuable source of ongoing revenue. The franchisee continues to seek to connect with existing customers, gain new opportunities and increase the customer base and revenue potential over time.

Our value is easy to demonstrate: reduced shipping costs, more service and communication.

A simple and powerful business model.

If you are planning to start your own business, you want to do the following:

A) Invest in a franchise with many moving parts, a large number of employees to manage, high fixed costs and a financing action

B) Invest in a simple enterprise, without effort, without staff or inventory, while offering high margins, recurring customers and high recurring revenues.

Franchisees are responsible for selling customers and certain services to the customer. The carriers deal with the complex part that transports the packaging and products from point A to point B.

A simple added value for customers.

Several franchisees told us that before working with InXpress, the opportunity was not real. A profitable start-up for the house with high sales potential? This looks like some emails that go directly into the spam folder.

That's why we'd like to introduce Cathy Battreall, one of our franchises. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida, where she built the most successful InXpress site in the United States, even though she lived in a city without a seaport or international airport. He has developed a passion and a talent for discussing inbound and outbound shipping needs with nearby small and medium businesses.

InXpress franchise owners use their business and personal skills to enroll customers in InXpress and find solutions that meet their shipping needs. All shipping difficulties are with the real carrier.

The InXpress shipping franchise only provides access and discounts to the purchasing power of the group. InXpress franchisees meet customers. Freight forwarders and carriers literally handle all heavy loads.

 "One common misconception is that franchisees are really involved in the shipping industry, that our franchise companies never touch cartons, we're here to help customers access and help them save money, and we offer a personalized service that the major airlines do not offer. "

In addition to controlling prices, we create a high level of customer loyalty through simple calls and visits. Instead of talking to a call center 7000 km away, customers call you if they have a question. What does this mean for a customer?

Real cost savings

No voicemail announcements
No employees abroad
Do not bother with the simple service of qualified people to tell you: "I listen to your frustration".
Quick answers
Expert service
Real problem solving

This means that customers look to you for professional advice and establish a relationship of trust with you. This reduces frustration and customer loyalty and allows franchisees to retain their customers for a long time. Customer loyalty is a foundation for recurring revenue that extends franchises when adding new customers.

Prepare yourselves

The successful franchise InXpress has a high degree of determination, is easy to train and has a lot of confidence in it. They also have $ 65,000 to invest in a new business and are keen to see this business open within 90 days.

Snap-on tools

Snap-on Tools has been the leading tool franchise in Franchise Entrepreneurs 500 for five years.


Initial costs
$ 166,847 - $ 319,547

It can be used at home


Who are we

Snap-on is an industry leader and our tools are widely recognized by professionals as the most absolute quality of the industry. Snap-on franchisees are in the enviable position of selling exclusive high-end products to their customers.

The industry leader

Snap-on offers more than 22,000 products, is present in over 130 countries and employs approximately 11,000 people worldwide. Snap-on is having a network of more than 4,200 franchises. Headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Snap-on is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of tool and equipment solutions for professional tool users. Snap-on Incorporated is an S & P 500 company whose product lines include high quality hand tools and storage solutions for tools, diagnostic equipment, information and management systems, and systems. Management. landing gear as hydraulic lifts and tire changers. Snap-on is available to automotive, marine and aerospace technicians, automotive manufacturers, utilities, and government and industry organizations.

Our brand is based on uncompromising quality.

There is simply no stronger brand of tools on the market. Enter virtually any professional store and you will see that tools and storage units are proudly displayed.

The tools we sell are the gold standard for professionals and are recognized as a prize. They are the program of all professional technicians.

An incomparable line of products.
Our reputation is based on market leadership, product quality and innovation, simple and simple.

Our research never stops. Product development and innovation remain the top priorities of Snap-on. Likewise loyalty to our customers. In fact, many of our products are the direct result of technicians' contributions. Our customers have learned to find the right solutions with us, more than any other tool provider.

Why should you have a complementary franchise?

We can give you a lot of reasons.

You may know that Snap-on is the # 1 professional tool brand in the world. Snap-on is also a great business opportunity.

A complementary franchise is a mobile tool company that owns and sells the world's largest brand of tools directly to the professionals on its secure call list. It's a proven business model that we've been cultivating for over 90 years and we're always looking for people as good as our tools.

Here are some of the benefits of a complementary franchise:

More than 4,200 franchises around the world.
The most requested product in the category.
Financing by credit snap-on possible
List of protected calls
Without real estate investment
Exceptional training and support.
Proven franchise model


Kumon has given families a clear path so that children of all abilities can become powerful students. As the owner / operator of a franchise, you will be trained to succeed all your life while creating a community-based rewards company.


Initial costs
69,583 - 148,965 US dollars

What is Kumon?

Kumon is the learning center outside of school where children can start at the age of three and stay with the calculus and Shakespeare until the end of the program. Kumon children are characterized not only by their mastery of mathematics and reading, but also by the development of essential skills for success, such as concentration, self-confidence and the arena.

When you open a Kumon Center, do not teach children a short-term fight. They follow a unique and proven learning method that ensures independent learning and success for first-class students for life.

Take a smart business decision.

We assume acquisition costs of up to $ 19,000.
Our franchise fee is only $ 1,000.

We are honored to be Entrepreneur Magazine's first mentoring franchise for 17 consecutive years, earning us the title of "The Best of the Best".

We support you from the first request for information and provide a powerful system based on training, equipment and marketing to boost your business.

What we are looking for in candidate franchises.

All candidates must have a bachelor's degree and US citizenship or a green card. In addition, they must meet the liquidity requirements of $ 70,000 and the net asset value of $ 150,000.

In addition, we are looking for people who are engaged in their activities throughout the day, who want to connect with families in their community and make sure that children succeed not only in math and reading, but also in life.

If you value academic excellence, look to help kids in the long run, and love to be part of a community, you'll find everything you need when you open a Kumon Center.

Facts and figures

Required capital required: $ 70,000
Net worth: $ 150,000
Investment: USD 69,583 - USD 148,965

In addition, candidates must have a bachelor's degree and a US citizenship or green card.

Dream Vacations

Start as a professional tour operator by creating Dream Vacations for your clients.


Initial costs
$ 3,500 to $ 9,800


You can work part time

Best Travel Agency Franchise

We are consistently recognized as the best franchise for home travel agencies. As a member of World Travel Holdings, we are the largest cruise agency in the world and we have immediately gained an important role as a driving force in the travel industry with unparalleled buying power.

The exciting world of travel

This is the perfect opportunity to explore your passion for travel and huge benefits, such as traveling at discounted rates or free! The travel industry is one of the fastest growing industries and offers a formula for long-term success.

No travel experience is required.

Many of our franchisees who work from home have no industry experience, but they all have one thing in common: the desire to travel and the entrepreneurial spirit. Comprehensive training provides 24/7 access to an ongoing program.

Incomparable support

We are available 24 hours a day and have the best support rate in the industry at 1:10! We spend $ 4 million a year to provide marketing, opportunity and exclusive promotions to support the growth of your business. All of our technologies are web-based, allowing you to connect to your business wherever you are and make reservations.

Free marketing programs.

We invest continuously in you and in your success.  These include websites, a loyalty program and a sponsorship program. Your customers can book trips directly to their many mobile-friendly websites.

Earn the highest commissions

You earn 100% of the highest paid commission in the industry, paid weekly. In addition, we have limited license fees. No other travel agency franchise offers this.
Low investment

The standard franchise fee is $ 9,800. However, with our flexible funding, you can spend $ 3,500. We offer a discount of up to 20% on franchise fees for veterans, spouses, emergency personnel and US homes. UU., Including teachers and medical staff.

School of Rock

Turn your passion into a full-time concert. He now owns a School of Rock franchise.


Initial costs
$ 169,350 - $ 399,100

It can be used at home

You can work part time

With more than a decade of experience and more than 200 schools in North and South America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, School of Rock is a leader in postgraduate performance education. 'school.

We have recently been honored as Forbes' second-largest investment franchise and No. 1 franchise for music franchise in the United States, as well as Entrepreneur magazine's Top 200 franchise and number 1 enriching children's culture. 'here 2018. 

With our performance-based music approach, our students are more motivated to learn, more motivated to perform well and more confident in everything they do. Our program is specifically designed to guide each student on a unique musical journey, always giving them something to follow. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced musician, it will always be something new and exciting for you. Our students not only learn to be good musicians, but they also create a work ethic, learn to work as a team and have the confidence that they can spend their entire life with them.


5 Reasons School of Rock is a Unique Franchise Experience
Make a real difference: Influence children's lives through music.
Make your passion an advantage: your love of music can be your career.

Financing options available: If you meet our minimum requirements, our partnership with ApplePie Capital simplifies financing.

Simplified Application Process: Open your new school faster than ever.
Real Estate Development Services: Expand your franchise franchise.


YogaSix is ​​a modern version of an ancient practice in which we believe that everyone deserves the experience of yoga by connecting to a stimulating, stimulating and entertaining exercise.


Initial costs
$ 216,900 - $ 399,750






Yoga has created the fitness shop as we know it. At YogaSix, we change the way people think and experience yoga. Yoga is different every day, but there is always room to learn, grow and see the results. The more we learn, the stronger we become, the better we feel physically and mentally. Yoga is a mental exercise, as it is physically. In our yoga classes and exercises, our members can define their own success day after day, in order to adapt their practice. We help members communicate in an inspiring, stimulating and entertaining way. With an established and loyal fan base, YogaSix is ​​a modernized yoga brand that promotes accessibility and lends itself to acceptance across the country.



With a proven focus on a range of competitive markets, YogaSix has a broad market potential: Be the first to introduce the unique and modern YogaSix concept into the local market!


We believe that extensive training is the key to your success, whether it's leasing, development, recruitment, financing, sales and marketing, or sustainable activities, you will receive support at each step!

Execution template

Our franchise model offers a fully scalable business that helps you determine your own success. Take advantage of development costs and relationships with domestic suppliers to launch your study successfully.


Enjoy low-cost entry, a recurring revenue model, exceptional EBITDA margins and the trust you place in our team with more than 25 years of experience in fitness franchises.

Our values ​​speak directly about your trip with YogaSix.


Return the fun in your career: define your own joy


Give your community a new life and exciting new approach to yoga


With the modality that defines a boutique gym and a team of 25 years of experience in gym franchises, you can count on our franchise model and support to create a successful YogaSix studio.


Create a powerful, connected, and engaging community that extends beyond the walls of your studio.

What we are looking for in a couple.

We are looking for open-minded and experienced sales, marketing and / or management-minded franchise owners who are passionate about our brand and our mission: bringing a new approach to yoga in the marketplace. A person who can build relationships, lead a team and have the motivation to excel.

Big blue swim school

The Big Blue Swim School aims to be part of the great moments of family life and to help children develop skills for life and swimming.


Initial costs
$ 1,767,500 - $ 3,649,000


You can work part time

Big Blue Swim School aims to be part of the great moments of family life and to help children develop swimming skills (stroke, breathing, exercise) and life skills (courage, endurance, work hard).

The Big Blue Swim School school program, based on distance, ensures that students' progress is measured in a meaningful way, to get better results faster and parents to better understand their children's progress. Parents are ready to invest in these essential skills and can quickly see that their investment has already paid off and, more importantly, that their children know how to protect themselves, whether in the water or out of the water.

Big Blue Swim schools have 13 lanes divided into two groups of 91 degrees. Franchise owners can compile a list of class times and parents of several children can attend classes at the same time.

Why the swimming industry?

Sports participation for children aged 6 to 12 has decreased * by almost 8% * over the last decade *, but swimming has increased, with a 52% increase in the number of swimming members in Canada. during the year 2000. until 2017. **

As there is no dominant player in the swimming and government classes and local spending has recently declined, there is a strong demand for quality swimming schools that focus on life skills. It is a fragmented, recession-resistant industry with a very strong 35% EBITDA.

Why Big Blue Swim School?

The Big Swim School's Big Swim School represents the $ 20 billion *** swimming pool market, which is based on brand remoteness, the recurring revenue model and the solid economy of the unit. , as well as properties provided by Amazon and other online businesses located in high traffic areas. to a superior franchise opportunity.

Lesson Buddy, the Big Blue Swim School's patented course management software, systemizes franchisee operations and gives the franchisor access to data throughout the system. Lesson Buddy uses membership data, sales data, and operational perspectives to make business recommendations, including when and where to get a lesson from time, to maximize efficiencies and monitor the pool's chemistry.

Parents love using the self-service mobile app to allow customers to easily schedule classes and track their children's progress, which prevents the franchisee from hiring a staff member to manage course planning for his or her children. members. needs

Other swim school brands use existing pools or offer swimming lessons, but poor real estate and difficulty finding and retaining talent. The Big Blue Swim School only employs full-time employment specialists for children to give them the experience and consistency they need, as well as the peace of mind of parents.

The time has now come for a national leader to show up at the swimming school and the Big Blue Swimming School has the brand, resources and a strong team to take the initiative.

I am looking for a franchise candidate

Ideal franchise candidates for the Big Blue Swim School:
● Search for the next brand to include in your portfolio.
● They are experienced businessmen in the developed commercial sense.
● wanting to make a difference in their local communities.
● Try to use your strong employees and your cultural management skills.
● Minimum liquidities of $ 600,000 and a minimum net worth of $ 1.5 million.

The Big Blue Swim School plans to expand the brand through the franchise, with the goal of building 45 by the end of 2019 and by the end of 2020, on 150 sites.

Association of Sport and Fitness Industry and Aspen Institute.

United States swimming

World Conference on Aquatic Health


UFC GYM offers enhanced support and training to franchisees so that each partner has the best tools, processes and supports in the business.


Initial costs
$ 295,057 - $ 4,912,007

It can be used at home


You can work part time


Join the $ 26 billion fitness industry and be part of the UFC GYM Franchise Community

UFC GYM is for everyone.

UFC GYM is much more than Octagon ™, an environment in which everyone can achieve something. We offer a wide range of group classes focusing on techniques and techniques, functional training, personal training, traditional martial arts, as well as fitness, youth and family classes so that everyone can find his adaptation.

World famous brand

The UFC is the fastest growing sport in the world and reaches more than one billion households in 152 countries. This brand recognition and partnership with the UFC brand provides an exceptional growth opportunity for UFC GYM franchisees.

Our advantage

We give life to the weak current of the UFC gym. The UFC is based on physical activity, discipline and dedication, and allows consumers to participate in this way of life. It develops courses and programs that deploy their full potential in a favorable and motivating environment.

Perfect model

Few fitness companies cater to virtually all age groups and skill levels, with a diversity of incomes that varies by member, retailer and personal trainer. Floor plans have been optimized to apply to various sizes of real estate, while maintaining a consistent experience.


UFC GYM is part of the growing health and fitness sector, which has tremendous growth potential because of the positive trends that persist.



Registration / Retail Trade Show
The bag of the bag
Cardiovascular training
Toilet / cloakroom
Start at 3000 square feet

Anytime Fitness, LLC

Do not limit yourself to opening a franchise. Join a movement.


Initial costs
71,599 USD - 353,900 USD

A proven franchise

In building the franchise, we realized that consumers are looking for convenience and affordability. This knowledge led to the development of a fitness franchise 24 hours a day. By integrating proprietary access software, security and surveillance technology, homeowners can run secure clubs with minimal staffing requirements. Thanks to the exclusive access system, a club can be open 24 hours a day.

Nearly one million people enter health clubs each year, bringing the number of members to 41.3 million nationwide. This number is likely to increase as more and more people engage in an active lifestyle, often motivated by the growing number of corporate wellness programs and health insurance incentives.

Since our founding in 2002, we have maintained solid growth rates. More than 2,500 clubs have opened in all 50 states and around the world. As the largest and most dynamic group of fitness franchisees in the world, we continue to break records and be recognized by the industry.

Affordability and sustainability.

Classified as one of the best low-cost franchise options, club owners tend to get a faster return on their investment than other companies.

Our initial franchise fees and ongoing monthly rates are extremely affordable and reduce entry barriers for club owners. Depending on your budget and cash flow, you can reduce your upfront costs by renting equipment and dividing the construction costs of your monthly lease. We have not only a proven goal, but also a passion. The awards we have received in the industry reflect this passion.

Support: at any time.

From the beginning, marketing training never stops. Our franchise instructors and other employees of the company are constantly developing exciting new ways to help you. We strive to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision before becoming an Anytime Fitness franchisee.

Start-up assistance: site selection, lease negotiations, financing, club design and complete training
Ongoing support: online operations manual, training, regional training, site visits, conference calls, webinars and online tools

Brand support and national marketing: TV ads, radio ads, direct mail, advertising and digital marketing materials.

Passion with a purpose

We believe that you are investing not only in a fast-growing sector, but that you are also participating in something you can really believe in. We change your life every day and build strong relationships.

Home helpers

Home Helper has been named North America's No. 1 Caregiver for Seniors: a leading business-to-business service for seniors that offers enriching services in a growing market.


Initial costs
$ 57,500 - $ 98,900

It can be used at home


The business you have must be part of something big. As the most powerful network in one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

Every 11 days, a New Home Helpers franchise will be awarded.

With the growth of home care industry, our franchisees are booming. In fact, they took advantage of the Home Helpers brand and the national support system to start their own business better and faster than their competitors. Our network provides owners with the tools and training they need to work at the highest level, both in terms of service delivery and business results.

If you're looking for a way to achieve maximum performance and create something sustainable, Home Helpers Home Care is an opportunity.

And we do not just say it.

Our owners

Home Helpers is an excellent low-cost franchise opportunity, according to Franchise Business Review.

Franchise Business Review is based on the satisfaction of current owners. 

Our families customers

Home Care Pulse, an independent and reputable assessment organization, interviews our clients and their families. The National Home Care Network has been designated National Home Care Pulse Provider and National Approved Approved by Best of Home Care, based on the satisfaction of the client and the family of the organization. The assistance means that Home Helpers is one of the few home care providers in the country to have demonstrated the ability to provide their caregivers with exceptional work experience while providing the highest level of care to their clients.

To offer more

Home helpers can easily provide more to their clients and their communities than basic services. Our model offers up to four revenue streams so that local offices can grow within their existing presence and be the best offer tailored to the specific needs of their regions, namely:

conservation included

Provide social interaction, round-trip transportation for your appointments, and participate in activities with a loved client to increase wealth and quality of life.

take care of the body

Food, clothing and other daily needs, depending on the abilities of the individual.

Medical care

Provide health professionals to monitor, evaluate and provide specific solutions for continuing care.

Home surveillance / Telemedicine

Direct Link® goes far beyond the emergency response by providing families with peace of mind about the safety of family members, scheduled medication and caring for their patients.

Supported by a first class support

Talk with owners of other franchise companies about their week-long training programs. Then ask a home help owner from our national support team.

Our new owners receive intensive business training and two-year planning. You have access to a franchise consultant. With the experience of Home Helpers franchises serving more than 900 communities in the United States and Canada, Day One begins with a team that understands the market, overcoming obstacles and identifying opportunities. This is one of the reasons why our current franchise owners value the choice of home helpers.

Join our culture of success.

Home care Home care is based on a tradition of shared values: the dignity of the individual, the importance of independence and the potential for success and personal development. We are looking for the right people to introduce our brand and our exclusive system in some high potential areas.

If so, we should talk. Come grow with us!

Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Plus's mission is to be the most popular pet store in America.


Initial costs
$ 463,700 - $ 995,400

It can be used at home

You can work part time

How to become a franchise owner?

Who are we

Pet Supplies Plus has been a leader in the sale of pet supplies for more than 30 years. Our mission to be the favorite neighborhood home in the United States has never been in doubt. We believe that, even though many brands come and go, the love of our pets, the extent to which we will get them, what they need and what is important, will never go out of fashion. Whether you are a retail store is expert advice and a first class experience for the customer. This belief has allowed us to reach more than 423 stores in 33 states. What makes a Pet Supplies Plus franchise opportunity even more remarkable is the fact that a Pet Supplies Plus franchise store averages $ 2,358.4311 per year.

pet industry

By 2020, it is estimated that Americans will pay $ 96 billion in pet supplies and that 65% of US households will have a pet, equivalent to 79.7 million households. The pet supplies industry was resilient, up 6.5% year-over-year during the recession.

Who are we looking for?

Ideal candidates

Pet Supplies Plus welcomes dedicated entrepreneurs who join their management team. Franchisees come from all types of workplaces, including Fortune 500 companies, the military, multi-concept franchise owners who want to expand their business profile, and people planning an active retirement.

Why the needs of animals more?
Franchise Information

Company founded




total number of units


franchise units


initial franchise fee

$ 49,900

Discount Veteran

$ 6,000

Fairy of royalty 12 first months


Fairy of royalty after 12 months.


Net cash value

$ 250,000

net value

$ 750,000


$ 6,000 discount on franchise fees for qualified veterans

Destination Athlete

Sports equipment, clothing, fundraising and performance for high schools and high schools


Initial costs
$ 33,510 - $ 139,335

It can be used at home


You can work part time

Did you know
More than 60 million children play sports throughout the country.
The youth and university sports industry is huge and continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down.

Sport for young people alone represents a $ 7 billion industry 

The industry is booming despite the recession.

They can help youth and high school athletes work at a higher level and provide all the resources from a single source.

Expand your business to fit your schedule and lifestyle

Tap the value added resources of Complete Athlete® 360
Manage your own online equipment stores to raise funds.
Sell ​​team uniforms, sports and fieldwear, college jackets, spirit wear, trophies and quality services.

Destination Athlete® is an innovative company focused on Complete Athlete® that offers Training to Trophies® products and services. It also houses Complete Athlete®360, the country's largest performance platform for athletes. This comprehensive platform deals with current and relevant information in the fields of sports psychology, sports nutrition, sports medicine, training, reward and recognition.

Pillar  To Post housing inspectors

The largest home inspection company in North America. When you're ready to move on to the next stage of your life, consider starting a home-based business that can help you change the lives of your customers.


Initial costs
USD 34,100 - USD 42,550

You can work part time

About pillar to post inspectors

Founded in 1994, Pillar To Post is the largest and fastest growing professional inspection company in North America. With number 1 growth in the category over the last 5 years, the company now has more than 550 franchise companies in the United States and Canada. Own a business with a Pillar To Post Home Inspectors franchise!

What does Pillar Post offer you?

Financial freedom
Flexibility in schedules
Control your work-life balance.
Master your future

Take advantage of empowering people to make better decisions to improve their lives.
Do you have an incredibly positive attitude towards life?
You are a real "person"

Do you want to have your time and your financial future under control?
Do you want to be in the business for yourself and not for yourself?

Recognition of the industry through the post pillar.

Over the last 5 years, each year has been awarded as the leading Entrepreneur Number Inspection Company 1

Maximum deductible at low cost in the last 15 years.
Entrepreneur Magazine Winner of the fastest growing franchise of the past 5 years.

Training and support for the franchise.

No technical expertise is required - our training program will provide this
Hands-on training and market training give you confidence in your skills and help you become an expert in your field.

A dedicated startup manager who will guide you through the launch and operation of your business for the first 9 to 12 months

The column for the quick difference.

We have the largest market coverage in North America with over 550 franchises in 49 states and 9 provinces.

You can benefit from the lowest franchise rate in the industry and the initial investment.
No. 1 brand recognition among the most visited residential properties in North America with brands such as RE / MAX, Keller Williams and others.

We offer cutting-edge training and start-up programs that help our franchisees learn, license and earn money faster.

We have developed proven national and local marketing programs to stimulate activities and audits.
23 years of successful businesses and hundreds of successful franchises.

Hi-Five Sports Franchises

First network of sports franchises for young people offering brick, mortar and other installations. The annual program ends with our annual Multi-Sport Hi-Five camps.


Initial costs
50,000 to 567,100

It can be used at home

Looking for something new and different? Hi-Five Sports Zone!

Hi-Five Sports Zone is your own little sports center. In less than 14,000 square meters, it can be established where families live and buy. They organize all our fun classes, leagues and camps, as well as incredible birthday parties, with our mascot Murphy and Murphy Coin.

This great resource for your community is quickly scaled, allowing others to rent and connect to schools. We have a launch plan for the entire community to create an appearance at your opening ceremony that will lead to program sales and the birthday party from day one. You get an exclusive area where you can grow outside the building.

Home based business model

You love children's sport, now build your business!

Hi-Five Sports offers the best sports programs for young people in the United States. Focused on entertainment and fundamentals, we offer fantastic courses, leagues and sports fields. Our programs are documented step by step. We also offer face-to-face and video-on-demand training. We offer fun and sports activities for children from 3 to 13 years old.

We also know how to generate buzz and spread the word to complete programs. We have several easy-to-implement marketing strategies, including our mascot costumes for community events, school education plans, direct mail and community action.

about us

Pizza, Michael Jordan and Hi-Five Sports. We are an important part of the Chicago tradition in 1990. We are a family owned company involved in public sports and volunteer programs and we thought it could be a lot better! That's why we have developed recreational sports for young people for more than a dozen sports to work with young people. It's fun and meets the needs of parents, schools and communities. We have some of the biggest summer sports camps in our area. Among more than a dozen sports practiced by children and new themes, events and competitions, we are the number one summer camp with many sports for children of all ages.

We see recreational sports for young people as something for the whole family. We call young people sports activities. And like any good conversation, it must be filled with fun and challenges. We have a good balance between pleasure and fundamentals. We take sport seriously, but we always say, "You also need a good sense of humor."

And this formula does not work only in Chicagoland. We are in 10 states with 19 locations across the country. The Hi-Five franchise was introduced in early 2016 to ensure that Hi-Five becomes a well-known name in youth sport. Now you have the opportunity to enter the game!


PIRTEK is a unique business-to-business franchise that maintains, maintains, installs and replaces hydraulic hoses and accessories.


Initial costs
$ 161,900 - $ 750,000


PIRTEK - A unique B2B franchise

PIRTEK is a unique business-to-business franchise and one of the few opportunities for the industrial franchise industry. Wherever there is an industry, PIRTEK has a strong demand for on-site industrial and hydraulic hose replacement services. Many devices operate hydraulically or pneumatically and their hoses need to be replaced regularly. Franchise owners can take advantage of this ongoing need to create a successful business that gives them the lifestyle they dreamed of. With more than 30 years of experience in franchises, the PIRTEK service strives to reduce equipment downtime by repairing and servicing hydraulic and pneumatic machines to keep machines and production personnel running.


The company has 400 service and supply centers and a fleet of mobile service vehicles in 23 countries. It is well suited to entrepreneurs who understand the value of relationship building. A PIRTEK franchise can be used wherever industrial equipment is used, virtually anywhere.

The 5 main industries that benefit from PIRTEK services:

Transport and logistics
Production and production
Waste and recycling

Training and support

With the PIRTEK system, you have more than 30 years of experience and knowledge. They are in business for themselves, but not alone. Whether you are looking for an appropriate location or local marketing, the PIRTEK strategic system accompanies you every step of the way. As a PIRTEK franchisee, you will receive:

Advertising and marketing

Owners can focus on developing their business from day one. PIRTEK offers its franchisees marketing materials, promotional items and sales programs to support their growth. PIRTEK also participates in various marketing channels including natural search, national print magazines, newsletters, e-mail campaigns and national sport sponsorship programs.

Turnkey start-up

PIRTEK provides territorial assessment, site selection, construction, equipment, inventory, vehicle and equipment acquisition, certified training, proprietary computer software, customers, distribution and more.

Certified training: PIRTEK offers you and your entire team your program. Depending on the position, the training program varies from one to two weeks. 

Cruise Planners, American Express Travel Agent

Cruise Planners, AETA for the home, is one of the largest nationally recognized and privately owned cruise agencies in the United States.


Initial costs
$ 1,900 - $ 10,995

It can be used at home


Why cruise planners are perfect for you

For many reasons, Entrepreneur's Cruise Planners is the country's first national franchise. As a low cost franchisee, you can be your own boss, travel the world and sell trips for less than $ 10,000.

For more than 25 years, Cruise Planners, American Travel Agent for American Express, offers travelers who are passionate about travel and the desire to be their own boss a favorable franchise opportunity that can generate high returns. Cruise Planners' advanced technology allows you to manage your own travel agency from anywhere. Owning a cruise planner franchise does not require any experience with travel agents. Our home-based business model has local franchise owners in 50 US states and we train them to become true travel professionals, selling all kinds of trips, not just cruises.

With cruise planners, you can be your own boss, travel the world and sell trips today. Here are some key reasons to learn more about cruise planners:

Who does not know the blue box?

Cruise Planners is the premier cruise provider of American Express Travel. It gives you access to exclusive promotions, tools and travel programs for your customers, such as the Pay with Points program, while earning the full commission for each sale. Joining American Express Travel gives you instant credibility and doubles the number of inventory and group promotions.

Fast and furious, MarTech takes advantage of you

Cruise Planners offers a complete "Martech" suite: a true marketing and technology association to help you grow your business. Our marketing and advertising programs offer free, turnkey programs that do NOT include monthly fees. We also developed the first marketing program for travel consultants using socio-economic identifiers. This means that the right marketing is for the right customer at the right time! Combine our excellent marketing with the customer relationship management system and the fastest web-based operating system that supports PC, MAC and MOBILE technologies.

Your success is our top priority.

The head office does not have competing travel companies and does not sell travel. Our goal is to grow your business.

Learn a thing or two.
Live Training Webinars, Personal Learning Opportunities and Cruisitude Academy 24/7

Our coaches are rocking and are smart too!

We take care of it, as well as our business development coaches. They are more experienced and experienced in travel than other franchisees and help you grow your business.

Meet our owners
They attend all training courses. They are practical and 100% focused on your success. In addition, both are the godmothers of a river cruise, sign of the industry.

Purchasing power for cruises and land 

Heck, we are the # 2 Sandals Resorts in the world! We are big producers with all major travel partners, including cruises, land, travel insurance, excursions and much more.

We need a bigger trophy case.

We are not busy with our own horn. The contractor ranked cruise planners first in the travel category for 15 consecutive years, citing our financial strength, lack of litigation, missing terminations, etc. Cruise organizers have received awards for their sales, technology, marketing and training. We are truly the most awarded tour operator in the travel industry. Point! And we are proud of it!

The learning experience

Join America's fastest growing child care franchise and make a difference in the future of children


Initial costs
493,549 USD - 3,585,549 USD


Why the learning experience?

BRAND ADVANTAGE: More than just a daycare, a leader in the preschool sector.

Property characters, technology and curriculum.

We are proud to provide our customers with an outstanding brand experience through our modern day care and continuous innovation. Our proprietary characters are one of our most extraordinary outlets and a friendly link for children through our program.

Make a positive difference for future generations.

Be part of a brand dedicated to the positive transformation of a child's life, their families and the communities we serve. With The Learning Experience, it is investing not only in its future, but also in the future of future generations.
Proven history

Our students and franchisees have the tools they need to succeed. In fact, 9 out of 10 of our preschool graduates read kindergarten and our 4-star satisfaction rating for franchisees * shows that we are committed to the continued success of our franchisees.


We make it easy for you with an award-winning child care franchise. Our team of experts will find the location, negotiate the lease, help coordinate the configuration and give you the keys.

In 6 steps from beginning to end.

1) Contact our team.
2) Learn what is available
3) Submit your request
4) Check the FDD
5) Get to know the family
6) Train and prepare.
investment needs

Initial investments: $ 150,000 in cash and $ 60,000 in purchase costs. Total investment: 500,000 to 800,000 USD with debt financing.

Full support

No prior knowledge is required. Operational support includes everything from licensing to finance, training and day-to-day operations.

BIG PLACES: With more than 300 centers in development or development, we have many exciting opportunities immediately available across the country. Find the right place for you by contacting one of our franchise specialists today.

The barre code

One of the fastest growing fitness brands for women in America! Perfect for obsessed owners.


Initial costs
USD 222,500 - USD 466,000


You can work part time

The barre code

The Barre Code is an ideal flexible franchise opportunity for those who are not absent and wish to diversify their portfolio of 3 to 10 studies in a protected area, as well as for fitness enthusiasts who have 1 or 2 people. Want to study in their community. Franchise owners with Bar code have a world-class head office and benefit from stable revenue streams for paying members, as well as impressive line prices and coach certification fees.

Study experience

The 2,000-square-foot studio immerses its members in a unique ballet-bar experience that incorporates elements of dance, kick-boxing, HIIT and yoga. The bright and clear design is characterized by an elegant, modern and white design, highlighted by the emerging colors of the Bar Code. The aromas of my own studio, the avant-garde clothes and the playlists selected only for TBC franchises are part of the experience that awakens the five senses. Next to the lobby, clothing store and locker room, guests enter the classroom designed by the head office on behalf of franchise owners. In class, the most effective and positive workout of your life awaits you. Changing class styles constantly focus on heart, strength and recovery, with a focus on motivation, positivity and empowerment. SELF magazine has called it "one of the best training programs in the country" and everyone who takes a course will know why.

Franchise support

The speed of opening and the speed of profitability are the key words of the barcode. For our franchisees, we support site selection and all design services. All signage, equipment, sound systems and every element of the experience is coordinated by the headquarters support teams. As an owner, his studies receive newly created class routines, customized music playlists, editable graphics and editorial material from social networks, national marketing campaigns and brand associations, clothing collections every month. seasonal and commercial training.

Cruises on Expedia

Expedia CruiseShipCenters has been a cruise leader for over 30 years. The largest retail travel agency in North America with more than 265 branches.


Initial costs
$ 165,000 - $ 282,000

Join the franchise of the largest retail travel agency in North America

Looking for a business opportunity that offers the perfect balance of fairness, lifestyle and entertainment? Owning an Expedia CruiseShipCenters franchise, as the owner of a travel agency for retail travel agencies and enjoying the reputation of the global Expedia brand and its $ 97.5 billion purchasing power, can benefit an exceptional lifestyle. As a full-service retail travel agency, your position on Expedia CruiseShipCenters offers travelers in your community a wide selection of travel products and excellent service at competitive rates.

Industry booming

People like cruising. For this reason, 30 million cruise ships are expected to sail in 2019. Cruise ships recognize the growing demand for cruises and continue to invest billions of dollars. By 2026, more than 123 new vessels are expected to enter the market. Driven by the baby boom generation and the growing attractiveness of younger travelers, cruises have the highest satisfaction of all tourists with an extremely high repeat rate. There has never been a better time to join an Expedia franchise in this growing industry.

Why Expedia Cruise Centers?

Increase fairness in a scalable retail store compatible with the world's largest travel brand
• Join a proven franchise system that has been running for over 30 years
• The demand for experience is increasing, with 70% of cruise ships booking trips to a travel agency.
• Be part of a booming sector with 30 million cruise ships traveling in 2019
• More than 140 members of the business support team to help you build your center and achieve your business goals

More information

If you are a proactive, open-minded leader who wants to build a profitable business in the exciting tourism sector, discover the possibilities of the Expedia franchise in your area by sending a request for information on this page.

Financing options:

Expedia CruiseShipCenters is an SBA approved franchise. Ask us how you can use your pension plan to finance your franchise. Veterans and lifeguards benefit from a 15% discount on franchise fees.



Initial costs
$ 96,414 - $ 1,501,265

It can be used at home


The franchisees of several Checkers & Rally units reach their financial goals and growth faster. We are aware of our low initial investment, our high return on investment, our agile modular build designs and our competitive advantages for franchise growth.

For more than 30 years, we have focused on bold and tasty cuisine, great value for our guests and a reasonably priced menu that generates benefits for our family of franchisees.

Space to grow

With more than 870 restaurants, we have a first class market in the major markets of the United States. We offer comprehensive options for multiple levels of investment and adjustment in places where other brands do not.

NEW modular restaurant building ~ Faster to develop and less expensive

Our family of franchises ~ We also manage restaurants!

The company owns and operates restaurants to ensure that products and initiatives are tested before being presented to the franchise community. Thanks to our goal of profitability and our franchise partners, we are aligned with Checkers & Rally's franchise partners.

Outstanding system services

Seven consecutive years: sales growth in the same store  and more
A record 50 new restaurants opened in 2017!
62.2% return on investment 
Franchisee satisfaction

2017 and 2016 voted as the best franchise contract 

Price for the franchise satisfaction of the franchise company 2017

Proud supporter of American veterans

Checkers & Rallys, a proud supporter of the VetFran program of the International Franchise Association. 

Ideal candidate for the franchise

We are looking for people with previous experience in restaurants / businesses, as well as people looking for a financial investment. Our financial criteria are: a net asset value of at least $ 750,000 and liquid assets of $ 250,000 per site.

FASTSIGNS International, Inc.

FASTSIGNS International, Inc. is the worldwide franchisor for more than 700 FASTSIGNS® signage, graphics and visual communication centers in ten countries. FASTSIGNS 'independent head office is the largest signage company in North America. It offers complete visual communication solutions that enable customers of all sizes and industries to achieve business goals and improve visibility by reporting, graphics and printing. Promotional services and associated marketing.


Initial costs
$ 193,548 - $ 289,639




Since 1985, FASTSIGNS International, Inc. has been a leader in providing visual business solutions. The company is made up of a team of people, strategists, graphic designers and problem solvers who are interested in one goal: to ensure that our customers get the most interesting and engaging images in the market. This targeted approach has made FASTSIGNS the most recognized and recognized name in the graphics and labeling industry.


Success in its conditions
The franchise is a win-win business model, especially when franchisees are equipped with the tools, resources and training offered by FASTSIGNS International, Inc. As a franchisor, FASTSIGNS International, Inc. brings decades of experience from proven business and resources of a global company. As a franchisee, you bring knowledge of your market, your passion, your business skills and your creativity to a $ 29 billion industry.

Franchising gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to be independent only by their imagination, ambition and goals. 



FASTSIGNS® works with more than 650 branches and is committed to the success of the franchise. We understand that the secret of our continued growth lies in the creativity, ambition and passion of our franchisees. The goal of FASTSIGNS International, Inc. is to continue to provide exceptional resources and support for success in all areas.

Main advantages FASTSIGNS offers to franchisees:


Best practices, a strong model and a recognized brand generate profit margins that are significantly higher than those of an average mapping firm.


For qualified franchisees, we can help you get the money you need to get started. FASTSIGNS has allocated $ 21 million exclusively to SBA funds.


Building a customer base is based on trust. Thousands of companies around the world know and trust FASTSIGNS only.


FASTSIGNS offers our franchisees a basic training course, online training 24/7 at FASTSIGNS University, sales training, etc.


Before the opening, our team will create the base of your clientele. When you open your doors, you have a traffic flow for your FASTSIGNS location.


The FASTSIGNS system has evolved continuously since 1987 to meet the needs of businesses in all sectors, increase profitability and minimize waste.


FASTSIGNS is constantly looking for ways to help franchisees capitalize on trends and meet the latest business demands. Once a new product or service has been tested through rigorous testing, we will run it in our other FASTSIGN sites.

Jersey Mike's Subs

Jersey Mike's Subs, a fast-paced sub-sandwich franchise with more than 2,000 sites in development across the country, believes it's possible to create a sandwich and make a difference.


Initial costs
$ 178,523 - $ 746,342

Why Fast Casual and the sandwich segment?

More than ever, people pay special attention to what they eat. Consumers demand fresh quality

Product and expect a pleasant experience. But mobile customers also demand fast service. Fresh and fast, the fast-food and casual restaurant segment is booming, attracting a fast-paced, fast-paced clientele who must spend money and demand superior quality over traditional fast food or QSR.

The sandwich segment continues to show strong growth and provides a product that better perceives health and freshness than hamburgers or fried foods. Among consumers surveyed by Technomic Sandwich Consumer Trend Report, a Chicago-based research firm, 93% said they would consume at least one sandwich a week. The versatility, portability, perceived freshness and value of sandwiches remain one of the most popular dishes in the country. The top 500 sandwich chains generated sales of more than $ 20 billion last year. The growth of the sandwich segment continues to exceed industry standards.

Mike's path to profitability.

The quality of our product creates a passionate and loyal clientele with solid companies that are repeated.

The operation is clean and simple, requires little investment in equipment and a very manageable staff size. Our comfortable shop interior, a fresh product prepared in front of you and a friendly mockery between the customer and the crew make this concept exciting and lively. Our limited menu options add to the simplicity of our model and strengthen our brand by focusing on what we do best: fresh, delicious and authentic sandwiches.

The "Give" component of Jersey is as authentic as our submarines. As an adolescent entrepreneur, other local entrepreneurs have demonstrated to Peter Cancro that he views his mentors as important for social purposes. From the beginning, Peter accepted this concept of making a difference and anchored it in his franchise. Today, this generous spirit is alive and well. And it's as much Jersey Mike's culture as oil and vinegar.

Discover how Mike's method of achieving profitability can change your life.

Time away from Mike

If you are a jazz musician or a businessman, time is of the essence. When it comes to franchise opportunities, time is just as important. They want an established brand with clearly defined systems and a strong customer base. But they also want growth potential. The brand Jersey Mike is specially prepared for this growth opportunity.

For more than 50 years, our systems have been tested on time and our customers are excited about our product and Jersey Mike's experience. However, our growth is just beginning. Territories across the country are now available for development. The time has come; The opportunity is right in front of you.

Mike's path to operational excellence.

Our training program requires three times more hands-on experience than many franchise systems.

A solid training program that requires 8 to 10 weeks of classroom training and work experience immediately sets the standard for operational excellence. Ongoing training on basic concepts, trainer training programs and other team-based excellence initiatives help raise the bar. Our philosophy is simple: a more comprehensive and robust training program, focused on the entire industry, not just product production, allows our company to be better prepared. Well-trained owners and managers do better business and help protect the Jersey Jersey brand.

Two men and a truck.

The largest local moving company in the country with more than 375 branches, 3,000 trucks and a benchmark rate of 96%


Initial costs
$ 115,000 to $ 670,000

TWO MEN AND ONE TRUCK is a customer-centric company that offers its customers a full range of moving services for individuals and businesses. Franchisees also offer packaging and unpacking services and distribute a full range of packaging boxes and accessories. TWO MEN AND A CARRIER Transport can do as much or as little as necessary.

According to the US Census  an average of 14% of the population moves each year. This figure does not include trade movements or the growing demand for labor to move a limited number of items to homes and offices. The growth in the number of locations (over 375) and heavy vehicles (nearly 3,000) in Germany and abroad is proof that a mobile phone franchise is prepared for the recession and contributes to the creation of jobs (8,000 moving companies).

We are committed to providing a high quality service to our customers, which has allowed us to expand our system and ensure the reputation of "Movers Who Care".

Our franchise system offers:

A proven operating system with easy-to-use management software
Comprehensive training program for franchisees and front-line employees, including current and current training program

energy management tools

Continuous support and sophisticated marketing programs.

Dynamic website and intranet franchise.

Recognition of the mark and the mark protected by the State

Registering the SBA list

The franchisee with two men and a truck have different academic and professional backgrounds and share the following characteristics:

It can work in systems

Have excellent communication skills.

Have fun working with people.

Effective during delegation.

Share our core values

Be firmly convinced that a company can fully realize its potential.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK was founded in 1985 and offered its first franchise in 1989. The company continues to grow in the United States. UU (43 states) and seeks to expand internationally beyond its current franchises in Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Fitness together

Aptitude Together  is a private leadership training study for individuals that provides clients with a personalized fitness and nutrition experience. The simple model is supported by a 20-year trajectory in terms of marketing and operational support. Fitness Together® was born in 1996 from the desire of a coach to take charge of his future and meet his professional needs. With more than 140 locations across the country, Fitness Together® has inspired its owners and customers to continue to grow and lead a better life.


Initial costs
From $ 147,000 to $ 192,400.


You can work part time

Fitness Together® is not another gym. We are the personal training companies that run the individuals. Fitness Together is aimed at a luxury clientele who has a pressing need and not just a desire for our service. With 20 years of experience in the fitness franchise and proprietary systems, Fitness Together could be the unique fitness niche you are looking for.

We are not just another gym

We are a private personal training studio that offers each client a personalized training experience based on their goals. Our certified coaches ensure the responsibility, motivation, advice and support of clients to achieve results. And this is only for the customer, enjoy it as an entrepreneur.

We are really changing our lives by helping people determine their fitness and health goals.

How can we play sports together?

 You need more intimacy, responsibility and motivation to finally succeed. We are really a different type of solution, a solution that we like a lot because our customers get results.

Here are some of the reasons why we excel in the industry:

the customers who participate: we are addressing a clientele who seeks the best of personal training. Our clients are generally motivated by health reasons to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. We offer private attention and motivation to help you continue your program.
Exclusive locations: Our charming studios are usually located in some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the country.

Private Adjustments: 

The clients we serve do not have to show here, they are there to get results. Our studios offer private and semi-private suites to calm guests. Fitness Together Together customers do not want to work in a large fitness environment with others, but are looking for the atmosphere of the sports community.

We offer both.

Custom Plans: They help our clients achieve the desired results by tailoring the training program to the individual's goals, needs and motivation.

Bodybuilding and weight loss: As the owner of a fitness franchise Together, you have access to ASPIRE8 ™, the exclusive bodybuilding fitness program that can be adapted to enhance client training to: achieve results

Nutritional Training: Our Together® Scientific-Based Nutritional Nutrition Program was exclusive to Dr. Diätassistin Dr. Janet Brill's award-winning Dr. Diätassistin's Together Together® fitness.

Step-by-Step Adjustments: Together® fitness owners have access to progress assessment systems to support our customers' success and track improvements. What does Together® Fitness do for franchise owners?

Few staff: just 3 or 4 coaches to conduct a study. And there are a lot of coaches that can be hired.
Storage: To further facilitate the fit of your employees, it's not up to your trainer to sell like with the big gym. They only do what they want. Training

Managed Owner: You must be a coach to perform a FT. He focuses on marketing, management and consulting. Or hire a manager with daily operations.

Stay comfortable: it's the world of health and well-being. You can keep the tie and the office clothes and tennis shoes.

Do not travel: your customers come to your home, which minimizes mileage restrictions and time. generate revenue in multiple suites when investing without fuel or labor for potential customers al.
Low wear: This is a company synonymous with quality rather than quantity. You will find that you need very few clients to succeed.

The Fitness Together® Franchise Support Center is designed to meet the needs of your business.
There are just not enough hours a day. As an exclusive proprietary model, compatible and lightweight systems enable Fitness Together® franchise owners to focus on leading businesses and support their customers. From operational support to studies to marketing and real estate, Fitness Together accepts the presumption of owning a personal training business.

The reason we started this activity is to help our owners and customers overcome their wildest dreams. We will be with you all the way.

Initial support
Help with site selection
Study the design / construction specifications.
University of franchise
opening planning
sales training
Accompaniment in the development of the marketing plan.

Continuous support and tools.
Managed digital marketing
National and regional conferences.
Regional trainers
Heart rate monitor and fitness assessment tool.
Maintenance of your own main CRM

My Business Venture

Looking for a winner? With more than 25 years of experience in finding success for new companies, MBV is the ideal option for motivated people looking for a low-risk, high-performance business.

business opportunity

Initial costs
$ 3,995 - $ 7,995

It can be used at home


You can work part time

My Business Venture - Franchise Information

My Business Venture has developed a set of websites that enable e-commerce with cutting-edge technology. This program has been developed for almost every budget and can be run at home. You can keep your work full time while managing your business online part-time and succeed!

Own supermarket

Our Superstore turnkey website program includes your personalized e-commerce enabled website, 24/7 secure hosting, a merchant account, your personalized domain name, and administrator access behind the scenes. plan allowing you to make unlimited changes and adjustments. .

Your website will contain more than 15,000 of the best-selling products: electronics, toys and games, toiletries and beauty products, home and office supplies, gifts, jewelry, perfumes and fragrances, seasonal and holiday items, interior and exterior decoration and more! In addition, orders shipped through your website are FREE! There is no better time to start. My Business Venture makes getting your own online store easy, affordable and painless! Start today and we'll put your site online and make money in a few days!

about us

My company (MBV) is a national technology services company with more than 25 years of experience in our field. We expertize in providing high-performance websites, shopping carts, credit card processing, secure payment gateways, strategic marketing campaigns, custom logos and social networking programs for Internet entrepreneurs. , consumers and orders by mail. . We are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A + rating, the highest rating that can be obtained, and we are also a registered business of Dun and Bradstreet.

What's in your web store package?

- Website enabled for ecommerce with a custom domain

- More than 15,000 top-selling branded products with an average profit margin of 35 to 200%

- FREE shipping on ALL items ordered to your website, and simple orders with tracking details and updates

- Direct shipment of all products directly to the customer.

- Merchant account, secure payment gateway and encrypted basket technology.

- Website search engine optimized for SEO with search engine submission

- Google XML site map and Google Analytics traffic tracking system

- Confidential price of the distributor and control of the prices of the products and characteristics of the discounts

- Advanced technology for websites with automatic updates, templates and customizable formats.

- Website enabled for social media marketing

- Administrative access to the customer database with administrative access to the customer wish list

- Affiliate website program.

- Gift card purchase program.

- Custom pages of blogs and newsletters.

- Rewards and Registration Program

Club Pilates 

Club Pilates was founded in 2007 and began franchising in 2012. Today, it is the largest Pilates Premium Group studio network in the world.


Initial costs
220,295 USD - 310,745 USD

It can be used at home


Help us enjoy Pilates for everyone!

The Pilates Club breaks traditional barriers for Pilates by offering franchise opportunities to make the method financially and geographically accessible to more people.

We believe passionately that Pilates is the best weight training available for anyone of any age and any level of fitness. All our studios are equipped with Pilates Reformers, EXO chairs and diving boards, as well as carpets, balls, weights and casks. And with our franchise concept, we offer thousands of people the path to a fuller, richer and healthier life.

The difference of the Pilates club

We are the largest premium network of Pilates studios in the world. Pilates Club has been named the fastest growing franchise in Entrepreneur 500 magazine for three consecutive years, entitled "Inc. Magazine Inc. 5000".

Why choose Pilates Club?


With more than 20 years of franchise experience in the fitness industry, we place Pilates at the forefront of the conventional fitness market with a proven model. With up to 20 studies open each month, we have launched a revolution and are determined to make the benefits of Pilates accessible to everyone. With more than 800 sites sold in 41 US states, our growth is fast, so do not miss the opportunity to bring Pilates Club to your market!

Execution template

Our ready-made turnkey model offers you a fully scalable business for your own success. You determine your commitment and help with recruitment and training to ensure a successful team.


The Pilates Club has the strength of the brand and franchise model that offers great potential for profit. Take advantage of our recurring revenue model and the knowledge that Club Pilates has never closed. International and US markets are available to investors from multiple units and individual units.


We know that every community and every study has its own requirements. We work with you to optimize the design of your studio to better meet the needs of your community with flexible services, sales programs and pricing structures.


We believe that extensive training and practical support will contribute to the success of our franchisees. Our in-depth knowledge and commitment to supporting our franchisees has helped us build world-class training and support systems.

• Real Estate: Our dedicated team will assist you in site selection and lease negotiations to find the perfect location for your Club Pilates franchise.

• Finance: Our financial team will assist you in processing the loan by the SBA and the privileged financiers, as well as by the analysts in progress, regarding the performance of your study.

• Site Construction: Assists in building from start to finish, including approved designs, general design, interior design, security and technology.

• Sales: Find out about our sales process, product line and point of sale system to increase sales from the start.

• Marketing: Once you have signed your lease, marketing your site starts with personal support for creating digital marketing campaigns, marketing materials and any opportunity to drive traffic and create memberships on your site. the site. This is complemented by our strong brand management.

• Recruitment and Human Resources: Ask for help in recruiting the most qualified trainers, managers and sales representatives. In addition, our certified Pilates Teacher Training Program ensures seamless integration of Pilates instructors, a novelty in our exclusive Pilates method.

• Comprehensive Training: Attend a three-day training course at our company's headquarters in Costa Mesa, California, accompanied by an annual franchise conference and weekly participation. We also offer general manager training, detailed training manuals and videos.

Our brand heritage

Pilates Club is part of the family of Xponential Fitness brands and is the curator of the best fitness and wellness brands in all areas of the online store. Xponential Fitness has nearly 20 years of franchise experience in each brand and has the resources and network to grow and support our franchise partners. Xponential Fitness' current franchise brands include Pure Bar, Row House, CycleBar, StretchLab, AKT and YogaSix.

Meineke Car Care

With 1,000 centers around the world, Meineke's proven business model continues to be successful for franchisees. Discover today why Meineke is the franchise for you!


Initial costs
$ 123,121 - $ 572,411

Join the Top Car Care franchise today

Automotive repairs and maintenance exceed $ 327 billion and continue to grow. With 1,000 centers around the world, Meineke's proven business model continues to be successful for franchisees. The automotive sector is booming and the recession-resistant Meineke model offers franchisees world-class services: training and assistance, advertising programs, state-of-the-art sales outlets and homeland defense.

Why think

Average gross sales of 692,042 USD *
No automotive experience is required
Nearly 1000 sites around the world
Ideal work-life balance, Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm
Knowledge of the national brand
protection of the area
Incredible incentives for multiple units.
Strong economic unit
Options for enterprise fleet accounts.
First class teaching at the University of Meineke

Training and support

No car experience is required! That's right, no car experience is required. Less than 20% of our franchisees have an auto record. 
Receive new deductibles
Two-week training program in Charlotte, North Carolina
First class continuing education at the University of Meineke.
Full marketing and advertising support.
Strong and continuous operational support
Software and technological support.

As a Meineke franchisee, you also benefit.

Game book tested
page selection
help with opening
touch m
purchasing power

As a Meineke franchisee, you will learn to work in the company instead of working in the auto repair business. A Meineke Automotive franchise is really a service and retail business based on education, technology and marketing. All of this is included in the trading system proposed by Meineke. There has never been a better time to join the Meineke family! Fill out the form and find out more about Meineke!

ClaimTek Medical Billing Case

Starting a medical billing business today is a good option for those looking for a prosperous and rewarding future. ClaimTek programs help you to be the best in this industry.

business opportunity

Initial costs
$ 22,000 - $ 45,000
It can be used at home


You can work part time

The best place to start your medical voting business
Why medical and dental billing is your business ...

External medical billing is an emerging industry that offers tremendous opportunities and benefits to those immersed and learning in the industry. ClaimTek gives you all the elements you need to get on the right track: advanced software, personal training, effective marketing and ongoing support.

Industry boom

The number of doctors in the United States is high, but the demand is even greater. According to the publication of the Federation of State Medical Boards, Census of Physicians holding an active license in the United States number in 2018, there are currently 970,090 physicians in the United States. Our census data shows that the total number of licensed physicians has increased by 10% since 2012. The country added an average of 12,168 more doctors per year than it had lost.

The outsourcing market for medical billing is expected to grow from $ 6.3 billion in 2015 to $ 16 billion in 2024, according to Grand View Research.


Work electronically anywhere, anytime. Work at home, at the office, or while traveling. ClaimTek tailors your individual training and business developments to your needs. Owner / Operator or Company models available.


No prior training in health or training / special licensing is required to own your accounting firm. ClaimTek offers years of on-the-job training and a professional branding strategy for instant credibility.


ClaimTek offers three levels of professional revenue in the areas of medical billing and practice management. Each level includes our advanced MedOffice software, as well as a variety of training, marketing, support and the ability to offer additional management services.

Available programs:

• Main Program: $ 21,995
• Favorite program: $ 32,995
• Director's Program: $ 44,995
Great income potential

Billing for medical and dental care is already a lucrative industry, and ClaimTek's lean business model offers exceptional profit margins. ClaimTek gives you access to more than 12 sources of revenue. Only a handful of clients can earn a six-figure income.

Such projections:

• 4 clients (doctors): 146,720 dollars / year.
• 6 clients (doctors): $ 248,480 / year
• Imagine the possibilities with 50 or more customers!


As a professional service with a lean business model, ClaimTek's medical billing service requires very little interception, even when extended to a large enterprise.

Operate with ...

• Non-premium hunting location
• There is no large rental space
• No franchise fees
• There are no royalties
• No device down
• No payroll or large staff
• There are no excessive monthly software fees
• No prior knowledge is required

Why ClaimTek?


ClaimTek has started and continues to be a strong billing company.  Therefore, we know the requirements of a biller and can customize additional software features in the best interests of the licensees.


Do not hang up as a reseller of software from one solution to another company. Our marketing and customer acquisition strategy allows you to work with each practice in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and attitudes. We offer full medical and billing training tailored to each specialty and to each integrated facility. Our professional marketing tools and strategies identify what the vendor is looking for in a billing company and you'll be surprised how easy you are. We teach you all about software features, marketing complexities, effective presentations and day-to-day operations.


The operating costs of ClaimTek software are the lowest in the industry, which means more in your pocket. For example, if you are using ClaimTek cloud software and five doctors are available to bill your bill, your cost can be $ 99 per month, compared to $ 1,300 per month for competing systems. We do not charge monthly medical fees like most other software companies.


Medical, dental and EHR! ClaimTek programs combine modern medical and dental billing software with HME systems and support systems that increase efficiency and add more customers to your portfolio.

 Interim HealthCare

Original deductible for home care that offers deductibles for medical, non-medical and human resource services. Ability to access multiple sources of income for home care.


Initial costs
$ 125,500 - $ 198,500

 Interim HealthCare
No. 1 in the health sector.

Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare has become a trusted source of care and services for Interim HealthCare's medical and palliative care staff, which are owned and operated locally. With more than 300 independent franchise sites in 43 states, Interim annually provides approximately 50,000 employees to independent franchisees for non-medical, medical, palliative and health professionals.

Get financial and personal rewards

Interim Health's mission of improving life means that you have the opportunity to do good. Rarely is a franchise that combines financial and personal rewards. As a home care industry, we have grown steadily for more than 50 years!

The Interim HealthCare franchise system offers franchisees:

An affordable investment with the potential for expansion of multiple units
Possibility of a diversified mix of services to generate additional cash flow
Comprehensive training and innovative marketing programs.

Unparalleled experience in non-medical, medical, palliative care and medical services.
Registration in the original cleaning mark.

As an Interim HealthCare franchisee, you can be proud to be in a business that touches so many people every day in such a positive way. Just ask our current franchisees: they are on average 18 years old.

You need support as a franchisee.

Interim HealthCare gives you the training and support you need to succeed in your Interim HealthCare franchise, regardless of your background or experience. Our system guarantees a correct start and fast management of operations. Interim HealthCare includes training and support:

Comprehensive on-site, online and on-site training

Operational experience in the franchise sector of the most experienced professionals in the nursing, palliative care and medical care sectors.

Access to a web-based information technology system that supports the core business of the Interim franchise

Opportunity to connect with experienced franchisees who have licenses, Medicare certified companies


Do you want to invest in America's fastest growing food channel? Become a Save-A-Lot owner.

business opportunity

Initial costs
750,000 - 1,500,000 US dollars


We are the main food chain of the country, developed for independent retailers. Our business model is designed to equip our business partners with the tools they need to succeed. Save-A-Lot retailers have a lot to offer in the food sector because store designs are more efficient, exclude private label products and save money with the buying power of more than 1 250 stores. and the efficiency of low-cost operations.


Save-A-Lot offers a comprehensive program that offers independent retailers an innovative store format that gives the owner a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our dynamic format allows you to own and operate a turnkey grocery store as a Save-A-Lot business partner. The Save-A-Lot division has a full support organization to ensure that its distributor partners can make the most of a major national brand.


Save-A-Lot offers a financial incentive program to help offset the up-front costs of independent retailers wishing to open or rebuild new businesses. Eligible business partners can take advantage of equipment costs, marketing costs and inventory agreements.

Real estate services

Localization is a critical success factor for retail businesses. Our teams of real estate professionals assist business partners in their real estate requirements. Provide experience, save time and money, and follow industry best practices for lease negotiation and ongoing owner assistance. The location, the terms of the lease and the financial arrangements of a company have a great influence on the future profitability of the company. Our team provides professional assistance in real estate negotiations to ensure that our business partners make the best transaction possible.


On average, we have less than 2,000 SKUs per store, which allows us to tailor our selection of stores to the families and communities we serve. Fewer SKUs allow much greater operational efficiency, faster speed and greater purchasing power. Our more than 15 distribution centers serve all operating stores with fresh meat, exclusive products and brands, providing world-class systems and services.


Save-A-Lot's sales and field teams provide independent retailers with the services and solutions they need to position their businesses for growth, from assembly and integration of stores to professional services and accounting, through continuing education, sales force and commercial support. SaveA-Lot strives to keep our trading partners on the right track.

Our clients

We help our customers live richer lives by saving time and money each day with an engaging and convenient shopping experience that offers great food, great prices and great people. Whether it's a budget-conscious family looking for healthy, affordable foods or seniors who need to buy specific diet foods, Save-A-Lot offers up to 40 % discount on their daily needs. Our bright and comfortable stores, our exceptional customer service and convenient locations are the reason for their return.

Mosquito hunter

The fight against outdoor pests is growing rapidly and the owners of the Mosquito Hunter franchises are delighted. We are ready to grow rapidly across the country and today we have world-class development markets.


Initial costs
$ 69,949 - $ 82,209

It can be used at home


You can work part time

about us

The fight against outdoor pests is growing rapidly and the owners of the Mosquito Hunter franchises are delighted. We are ready to grow rapidly across the country and today we have world-class development markets. Clean funding available to support first-year cash flow from qualified prospects. Veterans, lifeguards and minority rebates are also available. If you are looking for a successful culture or a flexible, full-time business with high recurring revenue and exceptional retention rates, then you're in the right place.

The outdoor pest control industry is a fast growing market. Mosquito hunters combine a strong brand with world-class systems to give our franchisees the opportunity to grow quickly.

As concerns about mosquitoes increase, especially with the latest news about Zika and West Nile virus, the need to control them is becoming more and more obvious.

Here we come in. Mosquito Hunters makes mosquito control economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. We focus on developing relationships with customers and offer mosquito control services guaranteed by our promise of happiness to customers.

For homeowners, we offer a business-centric customer generation, a national sales and support call center that helps you manage your growth and gives you the ability to manage a home office to reduce administrative burdens and fixed costs. the lowest. There has never been a better time to launch your own Mosquito Hunters franchise than now!

Residential and commercial sites both invest in improving their outdoor living space. Our goal is to help our customers

As a Mosquito Hunter franchisee, you have a whole series of leads, including:

the owners
Apartments / Condos
outdoor restaurants
Parks / playgrounds
Outdoor events
Age communities
Golf courses
the communities

Start your own business with the complete training and support of an experienced team with a successful national home service brand that is now a "last name". Mosquito Hunters provides a service that enhances the quality of life of people in their community by giving them the opportunity to enjoy their farm and eliminate the worries of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Mosquito Hunters provides an excellent opportunity for those seeking to develop a successful, recurrent, recession-proof business in the burgeoning multi-billion dollar pest control industry.

10 reasons why Mosquito Hunters is the right investment for businesses

As one of the best franchise opportunities in the US, successful people like you choose Mosquito Hunters for a variety of reasons:

The market for exploiting pest control abroad is due to growing concern over mosquito-borne diseases

• Low investment opportunity: 69K-82K
• Comprehensive training and assistance.
• $ 10,000 rebate for veterans, rescuers and minorities
• Own funding for half of the initial investment to support cash flow in the first year.
• The home-based business offers personal, professional and financial flexibility.
• Recurring sales activity offers long-term profit potential.
• A first-class brand and marketing make mosquito hunters naturally unforgettable.
• Modern customer service and back office management system.
• A well-financed franchisor is established for rapid growth across the country.

Ideal candidate

We are looking for motivated franchise partners who want to work for their future and the future of mosquito hunters.

This is an excellent opportunity for people who want to expand their portfolio with a home-based or seasonal business, as well as for people with customer service who want to offer their community an indispensable offer.

The ideal candidate for mosquito hunters is energetic and has strong interpersonal skills. We are looking for business-minded people who value quick response, superior customer service and a passion for making their community a safer and healthier place.

Mosquito Hunters helps our national and commercial customers enjoy their free time to keep mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. With Mosquito Hunters, you can create a business based on providing a service that improves the quality of life of people and pets in your community, repeatedly using natural and synthetic products. We strive to protect families, businesses and communities from these "equal opportunity" scourges.

Great clips

Join the world's largest and most dynamic hair care brand


Initial costs
$ 136,900 - $ 258,250

It can be used at home


The hair care sector is a growing industry of $ 70 billion. Great Clips is in the segment of the comfortable and non-industrial haircut and is the largest and fastest growing haircut brand in the world. It's a simple economic model, resistant to recession. We do not offer coloring, waxing, tanning or nail polish services, as we want to keep the company simple and focus on the service we have best cut. Whatever the economic situation, we still need to reduce the workforce, usually every 4 to 6 weeks.

License opportunities

Great Clips was founded in 1982 and has been franchised since 1983. It has more than 4,200 establishments in the United States. UU And in Canada, we continue to accept new franchises in more than 75 markets in North America. Our rooms are managed by a director, so franchisees with full-time flexible jobs can keep this position and do business on the side. You know it's like a second full-time job to start a new business! Great Clips franchisees are always involved in the success of their business. Whether it's a male-female partnership or a full-time flexible job, Great Clips franchisees are aware of being the drivers of their positive results. Hair care experience is not required to become a franchisee, but business management and human resource management skills are the characteristics we see in our successful franchisees.


Great Clips has an excellent support network (help with selection, configuration, contracts, marketing, continuous growth) to help franchisees wanting to sell their shows to the success of our franchise. Dedicated to the takers. The success of Great Clips depends on the success of our franchisees. On average, our franchisees have 5 to 6 rooms in the store after five years. In addition, all stylists and franchise executives are trained by Great Clips staff at Great Clips local training centers.

Maaco franchises

Maaco, the leader in car paints and collisions, offers a rewarding franchise opportunity. With more than 45 years of experience, Maaco has a tradition of automotive excellence.


Initial costs
US $ 250,000 to 350,000


You can work part time

Why maaco?

Maaco, the market leader in the $ 43 billion paint for cars and cars industry, offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for all franchise owners. With more than 40 years of experience in the automotive industry and 508 units in total, Maaco welcomes franchisees in a family tradition of automotive excellence. Our average certified center has sales volumes of over $ 1,322,187 * and net income of $ 198,963 *. Join the Maaco family today and join a thriving business that continues to grow from year to year and has established itself as the number one in its sector.

As a member of our family, you benefit from:

$ 192,240 * average income of certified centers
Monday Friday 8-5

Proven economic model of 45 years.
There is no national competition
Largest workshop = strong brand recognition

A $ 43 billion leader in the automotive paint and collision industry, Maaco has virtually no competition for domestic brands. We dominate the sector with a market share of more than 45% of car paints. In addition, Maaco's increase in the field of cosmetic collisions ("Cosmolision") offers distributors excellent growth opportunities.

If you are passionate about a proven business model, a family business with hours of service from Monday to Friday and exceptional revenue potential, we recommend that you take a deep part in the Maaco franchise. Maaco is a self-service franchise for retail sales with successful owners from all walks of life. To become a Maaco franchisee, no experience in the automotive industry is required.

Training and support

At Maaco, we provide ongoing training and support to ensure the success of our franchise owners. Once you have acquired your license from Maaco, you will receive a three-week hands-on training in Charlotte, North Carolina, to enhance your sales, administration, production and customer service skills.

After the opening, the specific regional coach of your site will accompany you for three weeks. We have teams to assist you in all aspects of your Maaco process, from the day you sign up for your license and from your experience as a Maaco franchisee. From real estate to training, through project management, operational and commercial management, our teams are committed to your success.

We are proud of our well-trained and competent franchisees and provide ongoing training and development oversight. Maaco franchisees have access to more than 2,000 online training hours and benefit from a Maaco franchise system that facilitates the management of performance indicators, inventory and salaries.


Our sales and administration team often asks the question: "Are franchisees required to have a record in the auto sector?" And the simple answer is no.

The business model of the Maaco franchise is focused on retail. A fund is not needed or required in the automotive industry. In fact, the successful owners of Maaco franchises come from all walks of life and have varied skills.

minimum requirements

Credit score: 700+

Liquidity: $ 140,000 and over

Net worth: $ 300,000 +

Investment: $ 250,000 to $ 350,000

CPR® Telephone Repair

Cell Phone Repair (CPR®) franchisees are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing dependence on the devices in our company.


Initial costs
$ 55,650 - $ 170,500

It can be used at home


You can work part time

The category for repairing mobile phones and mobile devices is exploding, and CPR® mobile phone repair is dominating the industry. Choosing your franchise partner is an important decision, and our growth is a testament to our brand, business model and value to our franchise partner. Originally seen as disposable devices, today's mobile devices have grown in size, complexity, cost, and functionality, making today's devices less available and customers more likely to be repaired. CPR® Cell Phone Repair enables local repair of mobile phones, iPads, gaming systems and other electronic devices in more than 500 locations around the world.

Cell Phone Repair (CPR®) allows local repair of mobile phones, iPads, gaming systems and other electronic devices from franchise offices offering "wait-and-wait" service.

Our franchisees operate retail stores around the world, employing technicians and service personnel to run their businesses.  With our model, you can choose the right approach for you.

License opportunities

CPR® currently has more than 500 locations worldwide and has been franchised since 2004. CPR has offices in the United States, Canada, India, Kuwait, Nigeria, Guatemala, Côte d'Ivoire and Mexico. will soon open its doors to the Kingdom of Arabia. Saudi in Turkey, China and the Caribbean, all with a significant franchise.


Cell Phone Repair (CPR®) franchisees are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing dependence on the devices in our company. This includes mobile phones, tablets, gaming systems and computer systems. The CPR® business model allows franchise owners to operate five key benefits centers:

equipment repair

Purchase / sale / commercial service.
Sales Accessories
B2B national accounts
As the largest franchisor of our type, we offer significant advantages over the competition, such as:

More awareness

A greater presence on the internet.
Lower prices thanks to our relationships with preferred suppliers.
Mature point of sale (POS) and other operational technologies.
We have become the leader in the category by focusing on creating sustainable value for our franchise partners in the following key areas:

Variety of product / service

Training and operational and technical certification.
Preferred Supplier Price Programs
Aggressive lead generation programs.
Advanced operation technology
VGR relations
Fees and investments:

The franchise fee is $ 24,000 / $ 18,000 / $ 12,000 for a pack of three
$ 24,000 for a single license
Training fee $ 6,500 (ISO certificate)
6.5% of gross sales
NAF up to 2% of gross sales.
Range ranges from $ 55,650 to $ 170,500
CPR Intranet

As a new franchise owner, you have connected to the CPR® intranet, our first training program for franchisees and their technicians. As you become familiar with business planning, operations, inventory management, our point-of-sale system, and human resource management, your first engineers will perform repairs in our in-house lab. If everyone leaves, you can start!

After your initial training, a Home Office representative will visit your site to help you create and open your business.

Pool Scouts

Pool Scouts offers pool owners a more professional option next to the pool. The Pool Scout franchise opportunity is a turnkey, economical and attractive franchise.


Initial costs
54,500 USD - 98,000 USD

It can be used at home

You can work part time

Pool Scouts is your best home-based business and your recurring revenue!

Pool owners want a more professional approach to pool service, and Pool Scouting is your solution. The Pool Scouts model was developed to professionalize the maintenance and service of residential and commercial pools. With world-class technology and world-class customer service, Pool Scouts offers a new level of service. Pool Scouts is the premier franchise opportunity in the industry. Here are some convincing features:

Nationwide about 10 million residential bathrooms.

Fast-growing franchise opportunity
Low franchise fees
Recurring sales activity.
Local and seasonal business.

When you become a partner of the Pool Scout franchise, you can create a successful business for residential and commercial customers. Our services include weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and even one-off visits. We also offer pool openings and closures, pool repairs and inspections.

Pool Scout franchise partners are supported by a team of more than 80 years of experience in the franchise industry and receive extensive training and support. We offer world-class software, powerful marketing programs and structured call center operations to help you recruit and retain world-class customer service.

A Pool Scout franchise is a seasonal business opportunity that can be exercised from any home or office. It is an excellent independent business or a good addition for someone with an existing family business. We talk to people motivated to become group explorers in the United States. Individual areas or development opportunities in the area are available. If you are looking for an additional or full-time business, take your territory today and control your future before it's too late. Scouts ... perfect pools, scouts honor!


As a leader in the fight against fires and water, PuroClean offers a franchise opportunity to more than $ 204 billion in the non-recyclable restaurant sector.


Initial costs
$ 71,205 - $ 182,780

It can be used at home


Serving your community as the owner of a franchise restaurant

Imagine a career that offers unlimited potential for personal, professional and financial growth and the ability to make a big difference in people's lives. As the owner of a PuroClean franchise, you have the opportunity to earn extremely attractive profit margins. You will also get a fantastic sense of satisfaction because it will have a significant impact on the communities you serve by providing essential services that help homeowners in distress.

Founded in 1991, PuroClean® provides a unique business opportunity for entrepreneurs with exceptional interpersonal skills and work experience. With more than 230 recovery franchise sites across the country, PuroClean offers qualified candidates a low-risk franchise opportunity and high profits for water, fire and mold restoration with an incredible level of personal satisfaction.

The PuroClean advantage

Virtually no recession: $ 204 billion a year in claims

Very high margins - with payments to third parties.

National Accounts - with major insurance companies

The largest areas of the industry - unlimited potential

Financing available - for more than 50% of the total investment

Strategic partner - for great business opportunities

State-of-the-art training center for $ 1.2 million - complete three-week training

Creating executive companies: not only buy a job, you can build an empire

B2B and B2C - without growth restriction

Opportunities for market participation because the size of the industry offers more than the opportunity to gain a larger market share.

Community Hero: personally rewarding moments in which you help your customers in difficult times

The PuroClean opportunity

PuroClean is the best recovery franchise for emergency real estate services and the communities in which we operate. Material damage occurs daily in every city in the country. Landowners seek compensation from their insurance companies, which then provide and pay PuroClean franchisees to repair the damage. 1 out of 55 insurance claims are claims for water loss!

PuroClean franchisees are following a proven business-to-business sales model that paves the way for success in the multi-million dollar, recession-proof real estate recovery industry. With the support of a national business training support center, PuroClean franchisees are the preferred provider of asset recovery services for insurance professionals and property owners in the United States and Canada.

Our brand promise

In case of property damage, PuroClean offers unprecedented, fast, professional, ethical and compassionate service, so that everyone is calm.

Home Clean Heroes

Meet the new heroes of the household cleaning industry. Home Clean Heroes has become the latest supplier with a strong brand, world-class systems and the ability to grow quickly across the country. Home Clean Heroes is a world-class franchise backed by Franchise Brands Franchise Brands franchise manufacturer. Be a hero, not a girl.


Initial costs
$ 102,077 - $ 165,016


 Home Clean Heroes

In today's world, cleanliness is not a luxury. This is a necessity, which is why the household cleaning sector is a $ 6 billion industry. Enter Home Clean Heroes, a modern, up-to-date and powerful version of the traditional "Maid" model.

We are looking for entrepreneurs with whom we work together and share our passion to make life easier for our customers. Our ideal franchisee wants to build on its future by building a business with a recurring revenue model built on a head office with exceptional capabilities in all areas of the business: marketing, operations, human resources and education. We even provide you with your own heroic coat.

Our top 10 superpowers (the reasons why clean house heroes are the right investment)

As one of the best franchise opportunities in the US ., Successful people choose Home Clean Heroes for various reasons:

Take advantage of the most fashionable industrial opportunity on the ground floor: the most available areas

Supported by multi-brand franchiser Buzz Franchise Brands and ready for rapid growth across the country

The recurring revenue business offers long-term revenue potential and financial flexibility.
Industry's Best Brand Makes Home Clean Heroes Naturally Recognizable and Memorable

Proven marketing programs to drive customer acquisition and grow your business.
Comprehensive training and support before opening and throughout the company.
National Call Center: Make sure you never miss a call

Latest-generation back office and CRM systems.

An experienced support team with over 80 years of experience to help you grow your business.
The cleaning services industry is a $ 6 billion industry (IBIS World)

Your possibility of a hero

The prospect of running your own business and being your own boss is exciting, but it can be a little scary at the same time. That's why the franchise with Home Clean Heroes is a great option: it gives you freedom and control over the company's assets without having to worry about starting over again. Home Clean Heroes is a perfect solution for homeowners and homeowners.

The Home Clean Heroes opportunity is a crucial step in the household cleaning industry, literally a breath of fresh air in a domestic service environment. Of course, cleaning the house can be a dirty job, but at Home Clean Heroes, we're proud to help our customers live better by saving their free time so they can focus on the things that interest them the most. ,

They begin with advanced training from an experienced support team that has proven to be a leader in creating high-performing national brands, well-known names, and industry leaders in their respective segments. Your support does not end the same day.

Kona Ice

Low investment, faster growth with more than 1,000 franchises in 10 years, number one in franchise satisfaction over the last six years ... just say it!


Initial costs
114,225 USD - 139,025 USD

It can be used at home


Not all ideas are franchised. Not everyone can offer support. Why do some concepts succeed immediately and others just not?

Over the last ten years, we have received many awards, but we are particularly proud of it as a reward for the Franchise Business Review franchise. We have reached the top spots in the last six years and in recent years we have had the honor of winning first place overall. We do not believe it's lucky. It's a combination of a new concept, a strong corporate support with a vision and a desire to make the world a better place.

In the franchise process, you can have many questions, but we only have one. Why not Kona Ice?


1 Our own nutritional product: With Kreations Aromating, we offer a product that meets all the legal nutritional standards for schools.

2 Digital Marketing Campaigns: Using a combination of Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and Public Relations, we inform you on the Internet.

3 Unsurpassed Business Support: Want a test? The greatest satisfaction of franchisees with two different agencies since our inception. Listen to it from our franchisees with testimonials on our website.

4 Established Brand: Kona Ice is a well-developed and respected brand with over ten years of industry presence and national and international presence.

5 Extremely fast commissioning: we are sure to be up and running within 30 to 60 days.

6 Fixed Fee: There is no penalty for success.

7 Incredibly low overhead costs: about 6% of the cost of food in an industry with an average of 32%.

8 Commitment to the community: With more than $ 60 million returned, our communities have recognized us as the best fundraising tool.

9 Product innovation: With our new range of Kona Krafted flavors, we are constantly following trends in taste to create new flavors that are introduced to the world of crushed ice.


At Kona Ice, we think you have to do business for yourself, but not for yourself.


We are proud of our franchise process. If you decide to start your own business, we know you do not want to wait for years to make that dream come true. We can guarantee that we have it in the business and that we generate income within 30 to 60 days of your deposit.

The Kona experience is not just for our guests. We strive to create a unique experience for our franchisees. And it starts with Kona colleague.

Kona College

Your trip to Kona Ice begins with a paid trip to Kona Ice's office training program. You will meet your support staff and get first-hand information in the following areas:

- Marketing strategies of our marketing team.

- Daily activities of one of the largest franchises located in the Corporate sector

- Starting with your business and digital marketing.

- The questions and answers are not excluded with the owner and CEO, Tony Lamb

- Hands-on training on your new Kona ice truck, including a test drive in our safety course

- Individual training and advice from several experienced franchisees.

He will graduate with a 30-day Kona Kollege plan that will prepare him for success. In addition to your startup plan, you will be hired for several follow-up calls during your first year to ensure a successful and hassle-free start to your business!


we have marketing team of graphic designers, digital publishers, publishers and videographers who create content for the Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on these marketing campaigns, which only serve to call the franchisee's phone number and fill the inbox. You are concentrating on building your contact base because the Corporate offers:

- Professionally designed email advertising for target markets.
- Direct and creative delivery and remaining sales material.
- Promotional gifts and Kona brand products promoting the brand.
- Mini individual sites for franchisees as part of the "Find A Kona" concept
- Support for social networks, with contributions and annual campaigns.
- Corporate website covering all areas of the Kona business.
- Location-based search to direct customers to local operators.
- Dedicated web developers who manage the SEO website and a great Google Ads national campaign.
- Organize contests and campaigns on social networks to promote brand awareness and attract your customers.


Celery on the island

Do not mix with anyone other than Kona, the penguin, across the island of Gooba Jooba. Your customers will love interacting with Kona Ice in a unique way. Check out Island Rush on Google Play and App Stores.


Have you ever wondered how a penguin like Kona has arrived on the tropical island of Gooba Jooba? Do not ask anymore! Listen to the narrator guide you through the story of Kona's journey. Ideal for children over four years old. You can read with this reading application. There are also hidden games!

We invest a lot of time and resources in the graduate studies of our franchisees. If every franchisee has the same information as our most successful franchisee, everyone has the potential to succeed. We deal with topics such as:

- trucks
- Orientation to new employees.
- Online Marketing
- Team
- Attention to the customer.
- make phone calls
- Collect information
- security
- adjustment
- Mixology
- Organize your KEV
- Price information


- Kona Annual Convention
- Veteran Franchise Coaching and Mentoring
- Online forum where franchisees exchange ideas and techniques.
- On-demand assistance for daily operations.
- Custom signage for your KEV.
- Specialized public relations company for the local press.
- Video Tutorials
- Monthly web seminars.
- The Kona Konnect: a monthly newsletter sent to companies' franchises.
- KnowledgeBase: an online forum with global information for franchisees.


We sell crushed ice, but that's not what it's all about. Since its creation in 2007, throughout society, we have reinvested more than $ 60 million in communities and organizations across the country. That's how we work. In short, who are we?

The best thing about Kona Ice is that the business model is simple. With Corporate, our goal is to make your experience with Kona Ice as enjoyable and stress-free as eating a cup of crushed ice!
KNOW THE KEV: The Kona Entertainment Vehicle.

Kona Ice has built more than 1,000 of these wonderful trucks and perfected the KEV. This modern truck is literally a mobile fence for your business, it sells itself!

- It works anywhere, anytime, fully equipped to serve thousands of people a day.
- Flavourwave patented to distribute aromas.
- Choose from endless combinations of exotic flavors.
- Tropical music comes out of the BOSE sound system.
- The first mobile food truck has been fully approved by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)

Additional equipment: possibilities for the whole year.

We are not just a truck of ice cream, we have units of all sizes for every location. Once you have a Kona truck, you have access to:

- The Kona Mini: the most popular accessory is a smaller and more agile version of the KEV. It is designed for small indoor and outdoor events. This is a low-risk, high-performance investment that your company can maintain throughout the year.

- Kona Kiosk: The Kona Kiosque hit the road in 2015 and was a great success. The Kona Kiosk is perfect for large semi-permanent events and can serve as many people as the truck. It is smaller than a truck, but it has the same visibility and could be the ideal complement to your Kona business.

- The Kona trailer: sometimes you only need the back half of the KEV, and that's exactly what you get with the Kona trailer. It's perfect for the big places it's established for most of its season.

- KEV 2.0: The latest addition to our Kona family of accessories is KEV 2.0. It is a smaller and more agile version of the main Kona truck. It's good to want to expand in your area and keep the truck moving.


Patented wave

The most popular feature of the Kona Ice Truck is the ability to collect aromas to your heart's content. In one day and at a time when the dessert is in order, Kona has taken this step for the mobile shaving industry with our patented Flavourwave technology.



Kona sells not only quality ice cream, but also an unforgettable experience that attracts the child in all of us!

KONA returns

Have you ever wondered if you are making a difference? With Kona Ice, you'll see what's happening before your eyes. With more than $ 60 million returned to local communities across the country, Kona Ice is defined by our commitment. As a mobile franchise, you can participate directly in your community at any time.

Proven success

The reputation of Kona Ice is recognized as one of the most innovative brands and as "your own boss". In fact, over the last six years, we have created the list with the fastest growth. Kona Ice thrives on the map, from New Hampshire to California. And since 2014, this has also been demonstrated in three international markets. In addition, about 75% of franchisees buy a second unit in the first two years.

KREATIONS AROMATISANT: A nutritious product of its own.
Who would have thought that crushed ice could be healthy? Kona Ice redefines dessert by creating a delicious treat. Our constant innovation leads to success. The food and beverage industry is becoming increasingly difficult with the nutritional standards used. The innovative and progressive spirit on which our company was founded continues to seek a healthy option for our customers. Thanks to our sister company Kreations Flavoring, we have collaborated with taste researchers to create a totally exclusive product. From the nutrient base, rich in vitamins and sweetened with pure natural stevia to the patented aroma range that surpasses all other flavors available on the market, we believe that we are the healthiest and tastiest choice to have shaved ice! As we develop our own products, we are constantly developing new flavors that can only be found with Kona Ice and we are discovering ways to improve our product for our customers.


In 2017, we introduced our new range of Kona Krafted flavors. With flavors specifically designed for an adult audience, we have been able to grow the business like never before. In market research, we discovered that this set of flavors would be our new Kraft flavor: coconut lime, aprium sangria, wild blackberry honey, tamarind, rose petal lemonade, dawn-on-the-go pineapple, black cherry, vanilla, blackberry mojito, lemonade with lavender and passion fruit. You want to try them all!


We previously accepted funding with a sister company specifically for Kona Ice, which has the potential to grow at its own pace.

Kona Ice is the fastest growing mobile phone franchise in the country. Responding to or exceeding most expectations, franchisee satisfaction is gaining momentum! Do not miss this opportunity!

On average 6% of the cost of the food.
- No real estate fees.
- Individual service per unit.
- Expansibility of several units.
- Fully contained and totally mobile.
- Incredible buying power of the franchisee.
- Large protected areas.
- There is no forced expansion.
- Zone assigned by postal code
- Promotion of working associations with neighboring franchises.
- Schools reward students with regular visits to Kona.
- Parents, children and co-workers say Kona Day is the best day of the week in day care.
- Sports teams and leagues invite Kona to the football field.
- Companies reserve Kona as a special gift to employees.
Birthday parties, religious holidays, neighborhood parties and corporate picnics can enjoy the Kona Ice experience
- We are mobile, so we can be almost everywhere!
- Sweet with natural stevia and pure cane sugar.
- Reduction of sugar and calories.
- No gluten, no fat, no nuts, no dairy, no cholesterol, no soy, no GMO, no high fructose corn syrup, no lactose and kosher certified
- A product approved by Smart Snack called Fruit First: the first ingredient that contains real fruit and 70% less sugar than a regular sno-with
- Vitamin-enriched flavors with our product VitaBlend (Stevia + Vitamins C & D)
- Flavors without sugar and dyes available.
- investment costs of $ 15,000 to $ 30,000
- Fixed license fees: a fraction of the industry standard
- No crippling construction costs

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